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A Small Medium at Large: Martin Luther Cleaned Up Just a Bit

Oct 18, 2018 Galen Chadwick

“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.”  – Martin Luther

There is no doubt that our republic is increasingly faced with the need to solve problems which have never been faced before, yet for which many are so ill prepared.  Mutual respect and comity has died under the cynical employ of identity politics until only the pathetic juvenilization of the American psyche remains.  With the unprecedented collapse of trust and competency in our institutions, we must turn to ourselves, not fresh-faced politicians, for ideas.

Our times call for a Political Reformation on the same order of magnitude as the Religious Reformation some 500 years ago.  In 1517, Martin Luther wrote his 95 theses as a protest against the selling of indulgences.  The pay-for-play corruption of “representative” government is not new with Kissinger and Associates, neither the Clinton Foundation, yea despite highly evolved bookkeeping tricks, lest arise the revolutionary insight that Christians (and everybody else for that matter) are saved through faith and not efforts of Big Government performed on their behalf.

Due to the limited travel funds of this writer, the Wittenberg Church turns out to be a metaphor too far, and I decided to post this mini-thesis in the B section of the Douglas County Herald.  These ideas may turn people against many of the teachings and history of the Deep State, but a real commentator would say: “let the chips fall where they may.”  Citizen and non-citizen voters might be aroused to contemplate this call to a Political Reformation, but the chance that people will once again think for themselves is a low-risk danger I’m prepared to take.  

So here goes:  We must save our country through our own faith, time and resources, and forego our utterly laughable and misplaced faith in the “political process.”

To save space, and though not quite as elegant as emoji copy-and-paste technology our internet handlers prefer, I’ve eliminated 92 of Luther’s sore points in favor of not taxing the reader with needless redundancy.  The three winning irritants are:  Selling American Liberty to finance the New World Order is wrong; the State strategy of Mutually Assured Destruction has no legitimate mandate to bring destruction to earth and its inhabitants; and honoring the IRS, a collection agent for private bankers, promotes a false transfer of allegiance from human sanity to the idols of pure bull-hockey, and endangers the well-being of all life.  With apologies to Luther, who was known for profanity, I cleaned it up just a bit: 

“The revenues of all Americans are being sucked by the “Federal Reserve” into the insatiable basilisk of Global Empire.  It’s not the ‘common treasury’ of We, the people.  For far too long the private estates, secret bank accounts, and other sordid rip-offs against our property have been funded by our own money.”  

“First of all, we should fund local community currencies, not secret bunkers and chem-trail technologies for the NSA, and we should not hesitate to bring anti-trust laws to Wall Street – whether Bull or Bear neither is necessary for human happiness.”  

“We locals cannot flee to New Zealand on our private jets when the odiferous bio-waste collides with the mechanically-driven air-moving device.  Better the Federal deficit never be paid to a handful of invisible hereditary elites, but forgiven this very day, than an entire nation be despoiled, and youthful souls be flushed down the tubes with it.” 

“Why doesn’t the President build the wall out of his own money?   (Luther made this same point in 1517). He is richer than Croesus.  He would do better to jail the Banksters and politicians and give the money back to the sovereign states who are being fleeced willy-nilly and without mercy in the death-grip of the Military Industrial Complex.  He who lives by Executive Order can die by Executive Order, yea, depending on who Kissinger and Associates designates as the real Executer-in-Chief.”

“Second, the political parties have no power over Purgatory, they merely reflect it.  Enjoying the fantastic indulgences of Global Empire does not remove guilt from taxpayers who think choosing between identical forms of madness constitutes a form of personal absolution.  Beware of those that claim a one-size-fits-all government effects reconciliation with God . . . He who is contrite with the purposes of life, and had a Supreme Court that actually cares about the Constitution, already has plenary remission of guilt and penalty without further indulgences. He may not yield to political boogiemen . . . but only if he takes up his bed and walks the talk.  The President and Congress can only remove these penalties which they themselves have imposed on us, but not on themselves whatsoever, beginning with the smoking ruins of earth, for did God not say: ‘Whatsoever I have bound in orbit you may not blow up on my launch pad.’”?

“Therefore I claim that neither the Deep State nor the President has jurisdiction over our Purgatory, the default reality of greed, incompetence, and corruption.  Yet if the Deep State and President does have power to release We, the People, from the Banksters, why in the name of love does he not abolish the monstrous National Debt by letting everyone out?  If for the sake of miserable money he released uncounted souls, why should he not for the sake of the most holy love empty the place?  To say the taxpayer is liberated from Purgatory by the act of voting every four years is audacious.  To say that they are released as soon as the debt is paid off is to incite the avarice of the ruling elites to no end, such that debt itself will never end.  The President would do better to give everything back to the People with no charge, even at the risk of saving his own soul.”

“Buying the best politicians that money can buy gives the people a false sense of security, endangers their salvation, and generally sucks.  Indulgences in the failure of term limits have prospered those who have bought our government, particularly those too big to jail.  The calls to impeachment and party-change are misdirection and positively harmful to every voter because they impede salvation by diverting charity from our crumbling Main Street and induce a false sense of security in our crime-riddled, well-armed restless masses.  That last bit is probably OK.”

“As our own government sprays us from the skies, harbors mercenary troops in nearby FEMA camps, and nuclear weapons circle overhead, all voters should be taught that he who gives to his own watershed Charitable Foundation is better than he who receives a Presidential pardon, even.  He who bets his money on the agents of the Corporate State instead of stopping cultural collapse in his own community, and relieves not the woeful lack of preparedness in his neighbor’s head, receives neither the perks of lower interest rates, but the indignation of God, as legislated within the bitter guidelines of His Wrath.”

“Indulgences in the rigged political system are most pernicious because they induce complacency and thereby inspire self-slavery, to say nothing about insulting common sense.  Those voters are doomed who think that elected politicians have a remote chance of reforming the banking system and exposing the Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme; nowadays it is dangerous for anyone to volunteer a second glance at their 401K, however convinced of personal salvation.  God works by contraries, so that a man feels his country lost in the very moment when he is at the point of being saved by waking up.”

“The potential for a citizen getting moving and joining in service of a cause higher than personal gain remains virtually untapped.  Verily, those persons are condemned who think that a little ‘I voted’ sticker makes them more certain of salvation, and that God does not possess the All-Seeing jaundiced eye.  Rather, man must first cry out for country of origin labels when there is no life in him because there is no health in him.  He must be consumed with horror by the Franken-Foods and the cheapest bottom line theology of Big Ag and Big Pharma.  Not even aspirin or vitamin C is made in his own country, but offshored to China by single-bottom line morons and their allies, having gained an entire nation the certain pain of Purgatory when the lights go out and the trucks stop rolling.”

“In this disturbance the salvation from our GMO stupor begins.  When politicians and their zealot defenders get a clue, and believe themselves to be the problem and not the solution, light breaks.  Peace comes through faith in the higher word, which begins with: “Get moving and show me the e-mails. . . “  He who does not have this faith, a small thing compared to the trust we have in the god printed on our money (don’t ask), even though he be pardoned a million times by the President, and all investigations mystically and magically closed, is destined for agony.  The insufferable egos that run this place through shenanigans and investigations and so forth, never asking what Obama knew and when did he know it, clearly do not wish to be released from Purgatory by growing their own food by the sweat of the brow, etc., for true contrition seeks penalty, if not a twinge of sympathy for Chairman Mao’s “Great Leap Forward,” even unto throwing away one’s crappy “security clearance” in favor of direct communion with his neighbor and planet. All good people should be encouraged to bear the cross as the last and best option to the mess they have so eagerly made.”  Amen.