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Ava Country Club Elects Board Members, Officers 

The Ava Country Club held their annual board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018, with the following items on the evening agenda:  election of new members to the board, election of office holders, and several business items to discuss.   

During the meeting, three new members were added to the board, they are Connie Heatherington, Kent Potts and Mike Martin.  With these new members, the board is now operating with all positions filled for the ensuing term.  

Officers elected are Nate Haltom, president (term expires: Sept. 2019); David Coday, vice president (term expires: Sept. 2020); Kirk Dooms, treasurer  (term expires: Sept. 2020; Lionel Daugherty, secretary (term expires:  Sept. 2019), and board members Connie Heatherington (term expires: Sept. 2021); Mike Martin (term expires: Sept. 2021); and Kent Potts (term expires: Sept. 2021). 

Final tasks to be completed were discussed, along with costs.  The shed work is finished, and new doors have been installed.  Roofs have been fixed and repaired, however, painting needs to be done. 

Nate and several other volunteers are working on the swimming pool this week unless weather becomes an issue.  Nate reports the pool is nearing completion.  

Volunteers continue to trim trees. 

The Board has scheduled a Club Work day for Saturday, Oct. 20, with work starting in the morning.  Everyone is asked to mark the date on their calendar, and help complete the job. 

For the second year, the Board approved local play until the end of February 2019 –– once greens fee are paid.  Come out, support your golf course, help us keep it looking great!