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Looking Backward

25 years ago

The Douglas County Soil & Water Conservation District is hosting a field day today at the Jerry Wight farm north of Ava. 

Penmac Personnel Services has moved to a new location on West Highway 14.  Penmac opened its office in Ava on Oct. 26, 1992, and now has over 1,000 applications on file, with over 5,500 man-hours on the payroll at this time. 

The 60th anniversary of the Civilian Conservation Corps will be celebrated in Ava on Friday, as CCC Company 1733 gathers for its fifth annual reunion. 

The Hanleys, from Topeka, Kansas, will close out the 1993 season of Friday Night Music on the Square this Friday evening. 

Elmo and Minnie Hartley were in Ozark Sunday, Sept. 26 at the home of their daughter, Reba Fern and Wayne Williams. They were treated to a special dinner to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hutchison hosted a surprise birthday dinner for her mother, Velora Pickens, on Saturday.  

Missy Givans returned home last week, along with her parents, after spending four days in Arkansas attending the Harrison Fair. Missy did well for her first time showing in Arkansas. She received a first place and a junior champion in her class. The Charolais bull she exhibited is owned by Miss and her brother, Todd. 

CHAMPION / VANZANT –– Bryant and Fox Creeks were the biggest I every remember.  Bryant was over the bridge on Highway 14 and Fox Creek was around the church house at Champion. An old outhouse that had been there through school, years ago, left out this time.  Got close to Ed Henson’s store. 

BUCKHART –– October 2 has been a beautiful day here, after a very heavy rain last night.  Last weekend most everywhere was flooded.  Just unbelievable when you hear of water two feet over Bryant Bridge on Highway 14 east of Evans. 

Mark Stillings, son of Elzie (Junior) and Martha Stillings, of Ava, has been chosen as a member of Heritage Choir for the 1993-94 year at Mid America Nazarene College, Olathe, Kansas. 

50 years ago

An estimated 16,000 persons jammed the grandstand at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds last Thursday to hear Republican Presidential Candidate Richard M. Nixon. 

The city council recently approved a 5,000-foot section of sewer line to extend from the oxidation pool through Rainbow Ridge and will connect with Sunset Hills.  Work is underway now on the Lyle Ray property. 

Plans for a new Bank of Gainesville building on the northeast corner of the public square are moving forward toward a starting date for construction.  

Seven officers and one member of the Ava Chapter, Future Farmers of America, attended a leadership training session Monday, Sept. 9 at Mansfield.  Attending were Bill Jenkins, president; Loy Shortt, vice president; Jeff Holmes, sentinel; Mike Roberts, reporter; Ed Potter, treasurer; Chester Short, secretary; Bob Holmes, chaplain; and Lyle Davis, member. 

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Johnson of Ava announce the engagement of their daughter, Gloria, to Dwain Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elvia Moore of Ava. 

Mrs. Yvonne Johnson, Rte. 1, was presented with an inscribed golden goblet for her record sales performance with Mary Kay, Inc., the Dallas headquartered cosmetics firm. 

Canada’s Polar Bear Express stops anywhere, any time for anyone who flags it down. The train runs 186 miles north from Cochrane, Ontario. Engineers have orders to pick up the stranded, who could easily perish without food in this rugged region. 

The Conservation Commission has placed a 12-inch limit on black bass in all community lakes in Missouri.  The rule takes effect at midnight, Oct. 1. 

Pontiac announces the great break away! This is the year to say goodbye to humdrum driving! The ‘69 Wide-Track Pontiac Grand Prix. 

The Saturday night bath still is an institution in many American homes, studies of water use patterns reveal. 

Missouri tourism business has grown by leaps and bounds during the past decade. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haynes of De Soto, Kans., announce the birth of twin sons, Michael Lee and Matthew Lynn, Wednesday, Sept. 18 at 12:44 and 12:45 at the Olathe Hospital.  

BROWN BRANCH –– Land sprayed with brush killer in the spring was sowed by airplane on Sept. 11.  Those having grass seed planted were Junior Lawrence, Earl Vans, Cleo Ewings, Wilbert Johnson, Virgil Adams, Neal Adams and Carroll McIntosh. 

Vickie Cagle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cagle, entertained with a slumber party Friday night at her home in honor of the 10th birthday.  Attending were Penny Haught, Cathy Durham and Cindy Shull. 

Sergeant Larry E. Woolsey, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clint Woolsey of Route 2, Ava, has been cited at Minot AFB, N.D., for helping his unit achieve a rating of the best jet propulsion branch in the Strategic Air Command’s Fifteenth Air Force. 

75 years ago

Leading with a short jab to the midsection in good prize ring style, DeLoss Walker, speaker, traveler and analyst, demonstrated to Ava school students Wednesday afternoon in assembly why we must get closer to our enemies in order to knock them out.  “A prizefighter once told me that the blows which he knocked out his opponents never traveled but about four or five inches,” he said.  “A haymaker does not win a fight. The reason is this: as my fist travels away from my body my punch loses its force.  When my arm is fully extended the force is gone.  The shorter the punch, the bigger the wallop.   Walker says we must have a short punch to knock out the growing Jap empire. 

Eugene Clinkingbeard and Richard Bender are leaving Ava today and will go to Columbia to enter the University of Missouri.  

Miss Ora Viola Buchanan, daughter of P. W. Buchanan of Mt. Zion, and Wilton H. Haig, who has been living at the Kirk Hotel, were married Monday, Sept. 13, they announced this week.  The ceremony was performed by Probate Judge J.V. Pitts. Mr. and Mrs. Haig will make their home at Mt. Zion. 

Senior Class officers elected are: president, Teddy Sallee; vice president, Marjorie Cline: secretary and treasurer, Johnny Proctor; Sponsor, Miss Una Ellison. 

Junior Class officers elected are: president, Helen Wiggins; vice president, Ola Mitchell; secretary, Lester Thurman; treasurer, Doran Manis; sergeant at arms, Beatrice Bender.  A sponsor has not been named. 

Civilians may  have to wear their shoes longer due to war time shortages. Last week the OPA announced that the new shoe stamp which becomes valid Nov. 1 will have to last six months unless shoe production should show a substantial increase over present estimates.  

This is the time for wild grape jelly making.  

Announced casualties of the United States Armed Forces from the outbreak of the war to date whose next of kin have been notified total 105,205, according to War and Navy Department reports. This total includes: dead, 20,104; wounded 28,226; missing, 37,905; prisoners of war, 23,970. 

Pettit’s Theatres –– “Call of the Canyon” with Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette, a western of music, comedy and excitement. One of the top westerns plus serial and cartoon. 

Cooperation of the Missouri Committee, Brewing Industry Foundation with Army and public officials in the vicinity of the Army Air base near Knob Noster, Mo., has resulted in a high standard of conduct in the beer retail outlets near the base.  

EAST VANZANT –– Mr. and Mrs. Dormon Ridenour announce the marriage of their son, J.D. to Miss Vivian Shannon of Drury. They were married sometime in the spring.  

WEST LIBERTY –– Carrol, Mary Lou and John Dewey Squires were visitors in the Bryan Buchanan home Sunday afternoon. 

June Singleton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Barney Singleton was bitten twice on the ankle by a copperhead last week. She is much improved at this time. 


100 Years Ago

Sixty-five high school students are enrolled this year as compared with 89 last year.  This shortage is due to the fact that many of our boys have gone to war, or are engaged in some occupation necessary to the prosecution of the war.  The enrollment in the grades remains practically the same – 219.

The third big draft lottery was held in Washington Monday. It was the largest drawing to date, calling for a total of 17,000 numbers and affecting the new classes between 18 and 21 and between 32 and 45.  

Increased demand for milk following curtailment of brewing in the United States is a probable development in the nation’s food situation this year.  In Washington, dairymen pointed out that since last May when Detroit became dry consumption of milk increased 20 percent. 

MT. ZION NEWS –– Geo. McFarlin went to his farm the first of this week to look after the threshing of his wheat.  Mrs. McFarlin has charge of the store during his absence. 

We buy old false teeth –– we pay from $2.00 to $5.00 per set, broken or not.  Send at once by parcel post and receive cash by return mail.  Will return your goods if our prices are unsatisfactory.  Mazer’s Tooth Specialty, Philadelphia, Pa. 

An abundant harvest – a thankful heart – and safe reserves. 

Too much sugar is used on the American table, with a consequent loss of variety and piquancy of flavor.  The nutty flavor of grains, the natural sweetness of cornbread, the distinctive flavor of fruits and the real coffee taste are too often smothered with sugar. 

Sergeant Roy W. Singleton, Co. B. 100th, machine gun battalion, was officially reported severely wounded in action August 23.  The young soldier gives a cheery account of how he received his wound.  It is his assurance to his mother that he is alright. 

Notice of stock law election in Clay Township, Douglas County, Missouri.  

Notice of stock law election in Boone Township, Douglas County, Missouri. 

Carl Mays, champion pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, returned to his home near Bryant last week accompanied by his bride.  Without giving any hint saving to a few of his closest friends, Carl completed arrangement days ago and yesterday the Rev. W.B. Butler, assistant pastor, said the words that made Carl and Miss Marjorie Madden of Philadelphia, one. 

125 Years ago

Mr. Eckles says the banks of this country are now panic proof.  The delay in the Senate, he says, however, is likely to create mercantile distrust. 

Three of the immense turbine water wheels built in Philadelphia at a cost of $20,000, for the purpose of utilizing the power of Niagara falls for industrial purposes, will shortly be placed in position. 

Immigration authorities of this country are busily engaged preparing rules and regulations for the enforcement of the agreement with Canada as to the inspection of immigrants. 

At Pine Bluff, Ark., a tremendous rain poured down with millions of small frogs.  The principal streets in the business part of town were covered with these pests.  In half an hour, nearly all disappeared. 

Two Italian papers have been suppressed for publishing news of the revolution and for commenting adversely upon the government’s policy. 

Springfield has enrolled 3,640 school children.  

Black Jack, lead and zinc have been struck at Cole Camp. Jack is rising in price and things look better for the Southwestern mines. 

The Industrial home in Springfield has, since its establishment, sheltered 100 women and children. 

Citizens of Sweet Springs are ready to shoot the boys who ran “tick-tacks” along their front fences. 

The failure of the Missouri fruit crop is greater than was feared. In Lawrence County not a paw paw is to be found. 

A telegraph line is to be built from Macon City via Moberly to Tipton to connect there with a line of 359 miles now in operation. 

Dr. Gonce, who was pardoned out of the penitentiary on account of feeble health, has married since his release and is actively practicing medicine in Taney County. 

The state university, for the first time in its history, has a lady tutor in mathematics in the person of Miss Laura Churchill Grant, A.B., a graduate of Vassar College. 

To Whom It May Concern –– I wish to say to the public that I am informed that there is a report over the country that a certain gentleman and lady had eloped together. I feel it my duty toward those parties and to the public, to say that said report started solely from me, and it has no foundation and all I said was by way of a joke and was not, intended for harm.  I meant to correct it at the time, but my attention was called to another matter and I forgot it.  A.J. Pennington, Bryant, Mo.  

I find that if old people are put on a good meat diet in the way of strong soup, beef tea and animal food, and only just sufficient fats and sugar to maintain the rest of the body, they increase wonderfully in energy and as they often express, feel 20 years younger.  

In poker the hand you hold is of no consequence.  You want to know how to play your countenance.