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Fire Prevention Week Oct. 7-13

Mayor David Norman, center, is shown above presenting a proclamation to volunteer firemen in recognition of Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 7-13.  The theme this year is “Look. Listen. Learn.”  Fire Prevention Week brings awareness to the importance of fire prevention and preparation.  It is also to honor firefighters and their willingness to serve in the line of duty, as they place their life on the line.  Firemen shown above, from left, are Captain A.J. Carmichael; Chaplain Curly Rawlings; Firefighter David Huffman; Fire Chief Tom Woods; Norman; Firefighter Kelleigh Carter; Jr. Firefighter Logan Carmichael; Jr. Firefighter Lukas Cavannaugh; and Firefighter Corey Trent.  The National Fire Protection Association states if you have reported a fire in your home, you are more likely to die today than a few decades ago.