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Skyline R-II Sept. 19 Board Meeting Minutes 

The Skyline R-II Board meeting met in regular session on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018 with six members present.  The consent agenda items consisting of board minutes, bills and financial statement were presented and approved. 

In old business:   The Board discussed the need to continue to purchase new chairs for students.  Purchasing of chairs was tabled until more information can be put together about costs.  The Energy Co bid was presented and approved for diesel. 

In new business:  Bus routes were tabled until next Board meeting.  Finally able to get four bus drivers licensed and up and running routes.  They are working out final adjustments to the routes and should have them ready to present at the October meeting.  

The RAP Back Program was discussed.  This is the program where potential employees are fingerprinted. The program is now fully functional with the state fingerprinting and FBI fingerprinting. Anyone fingerprinted from August 2018 and beyond will remain in the system and the employer will be notified immediately if employee is fingerprinted for any reason.  

A long list of policies and regulations were presented and approved: Organ Transplant Information; Electronic Data Breach; Transfer of Care and Custody; Guidance and Counseling Services; ACT administration; Inoculation of Students; Average Daily Attendance for Early Childhood Program; Certificated Staff Contracts; Professional Development Program; Teacher Post-Retirement Option; Collective Bargaining; Whistleblower Protection; School Bus Drivers; State Mandated Curriculum: Human Sexuality; Services for Students with Disabilities; Gifted Education Program; Virtual Education; and Prevailing Wage.  A copy of all polices and regulations are available in the school library or Superintendent’s office.

In the superintendent’s report:  August enrollment was 88 students enrolled for K-8 and 10 preschool students.  

Grandparents’ Day was a huge success with the Grandparents’ Walk of Honor being the big hit this year.  

Basketball games have started and charging admission this year.  

The next regular scheduled Board meeting is October 17, 2018.