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Wellness and Work Top ONE’s Agenda

(Theodosia- MO) – The Ozark Neighborly Exchange (ONE) group met Friday, Sept. 7. Guest speaker Dr. Janet Martin shared her story.

A practicing chiropractor for 34 years, Martin led an active lifestyle, was a ballroom dancer and a horsewoman and a runner – when she wound up in a wheelchair due to weakness in her leg. She had been living in Florida at the time in the early 2000’s.

Like many people struck with sudden disability, she wondered ‘why me?’ She concluded, “I had a problem with pride. It humbled me.” 

After a long and expensive search for answers, she was diagnosed with neurological lyme disease.

“The medical profession gave up on me,” she said. “It was scary, really scary.”

She sought answers in her faith and she got them in the form a Christmas miracle in 2007 when she was restored to walk. Now free of the wheelchair, she felt called back to practice and called to help others. She left Florida and landed in Douglas County in 2009. “The Lord put it in our hearts to come to the Ozarks,” she said.

Martin has learned how to stay well despite lyme disease and she helps her clients live better too. She is semi-retired with a part-time practice, the Maranatha Health & Wellness Centre, in Gainesville. She works two days each week.

Following her presentation, Martin answered numerous questions from members about tick borne diseases, healthy living, and pain management.

In the business portion of the meeting, Chuck Blanchard read the Mission Statement: To promote self-sufficiency and self-reliance through neighbors helping neighbors. After introductions, the minutes of the last meeting were read and approved; the treasurer’s report was accepted; and payment of the Post Office box 12 month fee was approved. Then work party requests were solicited. Members agreed to finish the wood cutting party that had been shortened by rain in August and to assist Lutie Schools with a playground project in September.

The next ONE meeting is Friday, October 5th. It will begin with a barter/swap meet for members in the parking lot at 6 p.m.