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Commissioners Make Final Bid Selections on Proposed Jail Facility

Last month on August 28 during a special meeting of the Douglas County Commissioners and Sheriff Chris Degase, bids for the proposed Douglas County jail and sheriffs office facility were opened and reviewed.  At that time, bid submissions were recorded and taken under advisement for review by Septagon Construction Management, Inc., the management firm in charge of overseeing the project.  

On Monday, commissioners discussed the management firms recommendations and bid selection decisions have been announced as follows:  

• General construction awarded to Dewitt & Associates, Inc., of Springfield, Mo. in the amount of $2,754,000, for base bid including bond. 

• Precast concrete wall panels awarded to Prestressed Casting Company of Springfield, Mo., in the amount of $510,300 for base bid and voluntary alternate for Frenzo finish, including bond. However, according to the report, Septagon has recommended the commissioners ask for a price from Dewitt & Associates on the installation, prior to making a final decision on the item. 

• Food service equipment is to be re-bid closer to the end of the year 2018. 

• Laundry equipment was awarded to Kee Wes Equipment Co., Inc., of Springfield, Mo., in the amount of $11,835 for a base bid, including bond. 

• Detention Equipment and Security Electronics was awarded to Noah Detention Construction, LLC of Niceville, Florida, in the amount of $922,000 for base bid, including bond. 

• Fire sprinkler system was awarded to Lake Recharge and Fire Eqipment LLC of Eldon, Mo., in the amount of $48,945 for a base bid including bond. 

• Electrical, communications and fire alarm equipment installation was awarded to MVB Contracting, Inc., dba Birkel Electric of Chesterfield, Mo., in the amount of $562,000 for a base bid including bond. 

• Site work and site utilities were awarded to Whorton Earth Moving, INc. of Ava, Mo., in the amount of $135,800 for base bid including bond. 

With most of the construction items on the formal bid process now settled, the management firm is moving forward to finalize contract agreements, as well as payment guidelines for the project. 

It is anticipated that perhaps the project will break ground before the end of 2018; however, as commissioners continue to work closely with the management firm to oversee the planning, design and construction of the project, it is difficult to say whether or not construction will begin within the next three months.