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That’s Totally Sweet or Salty

It’s been said that kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Those random  acts happen each and every day in our little town of 3,000 and we should be considered blessed to live in a place with that type of atmosphere. Those “that’s sweet” moments have been experienced by many. 

Have you been one of them recently? Why not tell us about it? 

No names needed or wanted, not even a thank you, but rather a shout out to what you’ve witnessed. 

Here’s the “That’s Sweet” encounters for the week.

If you’re ever around teenagers today, I’m sure you’ve heard them say, a well coined phrase…why be  so salty?  This is internet slang used to described someone who seems irritated or angry. We’ve all had those moments.

Please remember no names needed or wanted, just a brief description of your “That’s Sweet or Totally Salty” experiences. Let us know by emailing us at: 


Today, my friend Mary and I stopped at Town & Country to pick something up. We got out of the car and saw a chicken running around in the parking lot. Mary said I should take it home.

Henry, my rooster, is so lonely. All his female gals met with raccoon demise. We, meaning Dana, Mark, and I, have fortified the coop with metal sheeting and it is now 100% safe. However, Henry was so traumatized, that he refused to leave the coop and just sulks all day. Poor Henry.

The idea of a lady friend for Henry was beginning to sound like a winner. The store’s flower lady (sorry, I don’t know her name), was out front putting mums out. She gave me a mum box to get that chicken. Well, I’m sure glad that no one was out there taking pictures, because I would have died. I tried to follow the bugger, but he, no she, was faster. Eventually, she went in to the greenhouse on the lot. The mum lady closed the panels on it, and now she was surrounded. The box was impossible to put over the chicken, and Mary threw the box at her in frustration. Finally, got her cornered and slid the box sideways. Voila`!, chicken caught!

Henry’s chest is now puffed out and he’s crowing like a new dawn. The hen is sitting in a cage in front of the coop in the barn acclimating to her new environment. In a couple of days, they will be united. Love those happy endings.

Guess you now how she got her name TC, right? Perhaps the store will be offering more fresh chicken.

Now “That’s Sweet!”