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Have Fun, Be Safe During Labor Day Weekend –– Don’t Be Number 23

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –– Labor Day weekend for many families means one last outing at the lake.  Army Corps of Engineers officials urge people to have fun, but be safe and courteous.  

Twenty-two people have died from accidents in Little Rock District waters since October.  They ranged in age from 1 to 73.  

No one is immune.  Don’t be number 23.  Follow these simple but crucial rules. 

When swimming:

• Don’t drink alcohol if you plan to be in or on the water. 

• Never rely on toys to stay afloat.

• Don’t take chances by overestimating your swimming skills. 

• Swim only in designated areas. 

• Never swim alone. 

• Watch your children at all times. 

• Diving into lakes and rivers can be dangerous.  Paralyzing injuries or death too often result.  If you do dive, first be sure there are no hidden underwater obstacles.

When boating: 

• Wear a life jacket, and don’t drink alcohol and drive the boat.

• Use your kill switch.

• Follow the navigation rules of the road, buoys and other aids to navigation. 

• Always post a sharp lookout.

• Carry a navigation chart and know your waterway. 

• Before setting out, take a safe boating course.

• Check the weather forecast. 

• File a float plan with a friend. 

• Check your boat for required safety equipment and use it. 

• Know your state boating laws.