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Ava Middle School Students of the Month

Ava Middle School students of the month for August were announced this week, and in recognition, the students were treated to a special lunch as a reward for their efforts.  

For the month of August, student selections were based on the character trait of being responsible.  

In fifth-grade, Aspen Hartley and Carter Loftin are August students of the month.  

Aspen, a new student to Ava schools, has displayed responsible character in many ways.  Aspen is always on time to her classes, with her school work and items ready for studies.  

Carter is also a student who is prepared for class every day.  He is a great example for other students and peers to follow.  

In sixth-grade, CeCe Shea and Bridger Wiedmeier are students of the month.  

CeCe was selected for always having her school supplies ready for class.  She is also recognized for setting a great example for other students.   

Bridger received recognition as a student who is always prepared for class every day, as well as staying focused to do his best on assignments. 

Seventh-grade students of the month for August are Denise Ames and Ryan Thompson. 

In school, Denise is always prepared for classes and willing to help others.  She has already met her reading goal for the first semester. 

Ryan is prepared for class every single day, and this year, he will be video taping varsity football games.  Prior to leaving for games, however, Ryan is diligent about completing his assignments and making certain he is not missing any homework tasks. 

In the eighth-grade, Wyatt Marler and Allison Denney have been selected as the students of the month. 

Wyatt is a student who has missed several school days, but is diligent in keeping his studies current.  He is also conscientious about making sure his absences are not causing him to lag behind.  

Allison who has also missed several school days has been diligent to work and bring her studies and assignments up to date. Allison has not let absences impact her standings at school.  

By definition, a responsible person is someone who can be trusted to behave properly and sensibly.