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Missouri Lottery Generates $25.1 Million in Monthly Profits for Education

In 2017, the expenditure summary notes that proceeds to Douglas County schools totaled $185,461.

Profits from Missouri Lottery ticket sales in July were sent to the Lottery Proceeds Fund for public education today. The August transfer of $25,142,555 brings the total for FY19, which began July 1, to more than $49.7 million.

Prior to each fiscal year, the Lottery averages the most recent five years’ profits for a “benchmark” and increases that amount by 1 percent to arrive at a prudent goal for the next fiscal year.

In addition to providing funds for public education, the Lottery also benefits the state by collecting state taxes on prizes of more than $600. During FY18, the Lottery collected $4 million in state tax withholdings, along with another $955,000 in debt offsets for back taxes, child support, public defender fees and other state agency debts.

According to the website, for Fiscal Year 2017, lottery proceeds expenditure summary for Douglas County included the following: 

Ava R-I received $20,608, for the classroom trust;

Ava R-I received $25,927, for Foundation – Early Special Education; 

Ava R-I received $120,827, for Foundation Transportation; 

Plainview R-VIII received $2,228 for Classroom Trust;

Plainview R-VIII received $15,103 for Foundation Transportation.  

$768 was for Vocational Rehab Grant to assist clients who have disabilities to obtain employment by diagnosis, physical restoration, training and placement. 

Total proceeds expended for Douglas County: $185,461

For complete information about Missouri Lottery proceeds, including the specific programs benefited in each county, see the “Where the Money Goes<>” section at