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The Douglas & Ozark Counties Retired School Personnel Meeting Report

The Douglas and Ozark Counties Retired School Personnel met for lunch at the Gainesville Senior and Community Center Tuesday, August 14. Their special guests that day were Lyle Rowland, retiring Representative from the 155th District, Karla Eslinger, candidate for the position Lyle will vacate, and Jim Kreider, Executive Director of Missouri Retired Teachers Association and Public School Personnel.  

Those present were Roberta Long, Carol Owens, Julane Williams, Sandy Walker, Betty Moore, Caryl Feiler, Laura Waters, Jenny Billings, Ida Mae Huse, Jane Elder, Norma Stillings and the three guests. 

Jane Elder, Co-president, welcomed all those who were in attendance. Betty Moore asked the blessing on the food to be eaten. The lunch that day was beans and ham, corn bread, fried potatoes, a choice of salads, and a Jell-O-cake for dessert. The business was limited to the approval of the minutes and treasurer’s report that had been handed out and the approval of making a $75 donation to the MRTF Grant Fund instead of taking an item for the Silent Auction. 

Each of the guests was asked to speak. Karla talked about her own experiences as a teacher and administrator in both Ozark and Douglas Counties. She also said that she intended to keep Lyle Rowland’s phone number on “speed dial” when she started out her term of office as a representative in the Missouri General Assembly in Jefferson City next year. 

Jim Kreider talked about the importance of small MRTA units like our own and the real threat that continues to be made against the Public School Retirement system as it is. He mentioned the failure of some attempts to change the system that were stopped by the action of local retirees getting on the phone and also making visits to the capitol.    

Lyle gave a summary of the actions of the Missouri General Assembly this year that would have an impact upon education. The Foundation Formula was passed this year which would be a help to local school systems. He also confirmed the continued attacks against the Retirement System and assured us that the PSRS and PEERS System is in good shape. 

Jane Elder, co-president, had wanted to get Lyle some kind of honor that would please him rather than a plaque. She came up with a copy of a well written joke and a gift certificate.

The next Douglas and Ozark Counties RSP meeting will be at 10:00 AM, September 11 at Archie’s Family Restaurant, across from the high school in Ava. Those who are going to attend the Annual MRTA Fall meeting in Jefferson City will leave after that meeting.