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Ozark Traditions/Sorghum: Hard Lessons & Hard Work

The Sorghum Consortium

Sorghum Season: Jay Jacobs, Bill Barnes, Tom Kennedy, Roy Johnson, Chuck Blanchard, Jon Kruger, and Jim Wills with the Sorghum Consortium started the sweet sorghum harvest Tues. in Ozark County. The project, a with essential help from Lutie Schools ag students, helps preserve Ozark essential homesteading skills for new generations. After harvest, the canes must be pressed in a mill, then the juice must be cooked down to concentrate the sugars for syrup. Ozark homesteads traditionally grew sorghum and neighbors cooperated to have it pressed and cooked to supply their sweetener for the year. The harvest will continue for a few weeks. To join, call Chuck at 816-665-6610.