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New Staff Members at Ava R-I 


With the new term of student classes starting today at Ava R-I, several new employees were hired by the district to complete their roster for the 2018-19 school year.  The new staff members shown above, from left to right, are: Christy Albritton, elementary special education (SPED) para; Cynthia Carnal, high school SPED; Richelle Pettit, elementary SPED; Lindsey Wade, Cox tele-medicine nurse; Casey Merrifield, 7th grade social studies; Rachel Swofford, first-grade; Rachel Irby, elementary SPED; Stephanie Hall, pre-school; Ashley DeVore, seventh-grade math; Ashley Reich-DeWaard, first grade; Renee Stillings, sixth grade math; Ken Kelley, high school Learning Lab Para; Emily Petty, sixth-grade English language arts (ELA); and Rachel Hamby, high school ELA.