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July’s Monthly Weather Summary

The monthly weather summary for July shows the Ava area received 1.54 inches of rain for the entire month, with most of the moisture falling near the end of July when a light rain fell over a three day period providing .53 inches of moisture.  

From July 1 – July 13, Ava was dry, receiving no precipitation, and then on July 14, a negligible amount of moisture fell as .04 was noted in the area.  

For the first 17 or 18 days in July, local temperatures remained unseasonably hot with thermometers staying in the high 80s to mid-90s.  Three digit temps were a factor on July 5, 11-13. And, humidity levels, which fluctuated a little bit during the month, were most generally high and unwaivering around 86-88 percent. 

The highest temperature recorded  during July was 101.2º on July 13, and the lowest was recorded on July 27 with 60.9º.  A relatively high heat index of 97 percent was noted on July 11. 

The last few days in July found temperatures cooler with daytime highs in the low 80s, but relief did not last.  As the first few days of August rolled around, temperatures climbed back into the mid-90s.  Most notably, however, a nice shower fell on the area last week on Wednesday, August 8, and according to Billy Long’s weather station, the area received .44 inches of precipitation.  However, some locations reported nearly one-inch of rain, and a much needed break from dry conditions.