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City Moves Forward With Memorial; Buys New Backhoe

The Ava Board of Aldermen appointed Glenda Little to another four-year term to the Ava Housing Authority Commission.  Littles’ term expired July 20, and with the renewal, her commitment to the board runs through July 20, 2022. 

Little was appointed with a 3-0 vote, as Alderman Stan Lovan was absent. 

Mayor David Norman advised he had recently placed an order for a new backhoe for departmental use.  Norman said the presently has two backhoes, one is an early 1990s model and the other a 2005 model.  The newly ordered Case backhoe will cost $77,000 which is the state bid price.  Norman said the equipment has a delivery date of Jan. 1, 2019.  

Norman said a local individual has approached the City about building a hangar at the municipal airport.  The proposed building will be a 60×40 structure set on a concrete foundation.  Norman stated the City welcomes the idea of a new building structure at the airport, however, at the present time, the city cannot find copies of the lease agreements already in place at the airfield and until those contracts are found, it will be difficult to move forward.  

Costs to landscape the northwest entrance of Ava Cemetery, near the Veteran’s Memorial and covered pavilion, was recently submitted for consideration.  Per the request of Norman, Zach Uhring had provided a proposed landscape drawing that noted a cost $1500.  Norman said he had approved the amount, and work on the project would commence soon. It was also noted a water faucet is located at the pavilion and that water source will allow the City to run an irrigation line to the planter. 

Plans are in motion for a cremains burial section at the Ava Cemetery.  The Mayor said an area on the northwest side of the cemetery has been surveyed, and plots have been designated.  A cremain plot will be much smaller than a regular cemetery plot which measures 4 ft. x 10 ft.   According to the plan, the plot ratio will be 4:1, as four cremain plots will equal one 4×10 burial plot.   The cost for a cremain plot is $150.  

Norman said the City will open the area by marking the first four rows at the site.  An ordinance will be presented at the next council meeting to establish a policy and rules for the new addition to the cemetery. 

Norman said the bid deadline for remodeling the fire station has passed and no bids were submitted for the task.  He noted the deadline has been extended two weeks, and several contractors have been notified about the project, and one contractor has picked up specifications.  

Granite work has been ordered for a veteran’s memorial at the City Park.  Norman said he is hopeful the memorial and sign will be in place by Nov. 11, when Veterans Day is celebrating its 100th anniversary.  

Norman advised several cases of meter tampering have recently been brought to his attention.  This action has always been a potential problem, but most recently, several incidents have occurred with both meters, electric and water.  Norman said the City will prosecute. 

Leo Journagan Construction Co. will start on the city street project next week on August 23.  The milling and asphalt project will include Mansfield Road, and several streets on the southwest side of Ava, near Ruby Garden, Red Bud Village, and additional side roads. 

Resignations from two police officers, Ashley Breshears and Justin Brumble, were accepted by council. 

Council unanimously approved moving forward with a proposed transportation tax brochure which will explain to residents the focus of the tax and how the funds will be used.  The transportation tax option will be put before city voters during the General Election, on Nov. 6. 

Joel Laws, a consultant with JML Management Consulting, LLC of Branson addressed the Mayor and council noting his experience in municipal government problem solving, along with his 15 years experience in government bureaus. Laws presented his services as a possible option for the guiding the city through upcoming challenges. Laws has offices in Branson and Illinois. 

Administrative Director Peggy Porter reported city coffers were a little over $2 million.  She advised the schedule of indebtedness at the end of June was $2,860,200. 

A closed session meeting was not held.

Aldermen present for the session were Keith Jones, Noel Dye, and Burrely Loftin.  

Meeting video may be viewed on the Douglas County Herald website. 

City council will reconvene on Tuesday, August 28, at 5:00 p.m. at City Hall.