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Ava Country Club Cat/Dog League Final Play

Fifteen weeks of competition came to a close Thursday evening, August 9, as the Ava Country Club Cat / Dog League played their final evening of league play.  During the evening, the championship flight winner was determined and the contest was exciting as play came down to the final hole and the last putt.  The league leader at the time, Bob and Sis Greene, were tied with JR and Betty Braden going into the final hole at no. 9, with 29 strokes each.

To set the stage:  

In order to win the 15-week championship, Bob and Sis Greene needed to tie their opponent’s score.  

For JR and Betty to win it required the couple to outscore Bob and Sis on the final hole, simply because over the 15 week period they were leading in overall lower average or lower strokes.  But the winner is based on a point system, unless there is a tie in points, then the winner is determined by the best overall average.  As they approached the green to no. 9, both teams at this point had recorded three birdies on the scorecard, sitting at 29 strokes each.  

It was an exciting closure as JR and Betty made a birdie to claim a golf score of 32 for the title, and Bob and Sis made a par 4 to finish with a 33, both very respectable scores.  

“Betty saved us by hitting her second shot close to the pin,” said JR.  “Bob and Sis, are tough competition, they hit the ball straight down the middle every time.” 

Bob added, “Betty can putt!”  

It was a fitting ending to an enjoyable season of couples golf.  Everyone had fun! 


Championship Flight

JR and Betty Braden, 32

Bob and Sis Greene,  33

Fred and Connie Bacon, 34

Kirk Dooms and Rhonda Williams, 33

Dale Duckworth and Rita Flemming, 37.

“A” Flight 

Mike and Tillie  Thomas, 33 

Lionel Daugherty and Joretta Sawyer, 35 

Burrely and Penny Loftin, 37

Dallas and Edwina  Hudson, DNP*

Joe and Marla Yeager, DNP* 

“B” Flight

Paul and Michelle Peck, 38 

Ted and Donna Storie, 42 

Matt Collins & Tori Webster, 34

Keith and Sue Jones, 40 

Larry and Mae Ruth Silvey, DNP*

John and Carolyn Wallace, 35

*DNP indicates team was unable to play the final session.