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Notes from Hunter Creek: Local Writers 8.9.18

Well Judson, thank you for your very kind words. Except I take exception to your description of me “as stubborn to a point.”  

And since we are discussing your future, as you know I have been known to place a wager or two during my life.  And the easy money is 2-1, that you’ll be back in the Ozark hills within 18 months. We shall see.   

“A writer yet…..” 

Well, what do you know. The boy might grow up and be a decent writer yet. I am talking about Judson Wall, who guest wrote the last column. And who will soon be moving quite a ways off. 

And young Judson –– you are so wrong. I have not even began to run out of stories.  It’s just that all you kids, as a captive audience, have had to listen to several of my tales more than once.  I have many more to tell, and I might even divulge some of the skeleton’s in your closet, if you have any.     

Note: For several weeks I have been missing Carol Boeddeker-Genet’s column of local news and the straight forward political remarks that she engages in from time to time.  “Dogwood Rambling” is one of my favorite columns. 

Upon doing a little investigation, I have learned that Mrs.  Boeddeker-Genet’s health is not quite up to snuff.

As I recall I married her to her  second husband several years ago, whom she has survived. As I know  she is a valiant fighter, I am sending my sincere wishes for her to get back on the mend, soon.  And start writing again.

Also, one of the best writers to ever author a column in the Douglas County Herald, River Stillwood, is pulling up stakes and moving to the west coast.  Her early columns about life on The Homestead and all of her critters was widely read, with acclaim. 

River, you will be missed. And good luck in your new adventures.  

Now, get up and go enjoy our beautiful Ozarks outdoors!