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The Anchor That Holds – Barbara Sisney Daniel 8.9.18

In 1634 the Bubonic plague swept across the Bavarian region of Germany. Seventy million across Europe died from the plague. In a local village, Oberammergau had a breakout and one of the residents contracted the disease and died. 

As the plague quickly spread through the village they knew it could kill half of the residents in this town. The town cried out to the Lord and the people prayed a vow to God to spare the town. They vowed to perform a play about the last week of the life of Jesus every ten years. The Lord Jesus answered this prayer and those who were already sick recovered and no one else died from the plague and the people kept their vow to God.

The passion play at Oberammergau has been going every ten years faithfully. It has become a worldwide phenomenon. Only local residents are used as actors. There are 2,000 actors, singers, and technicians and musicians performing. The next “Passion Play” is scheduled for 2020. This little village in Germany  with its mountains and ancient castles ring out the sound of music from a beautiful people who love to sing. 

Recently I reached out to some great prayer warriors in our time. They line in close harmony with the people around them. My husband and I believe that corporate prayers going up to God is music to the Father’s ears. God loves to hear from His children. 

Our request was for prayer for us and our little dog Gracie. She became sick and nearly died. We had taken her to three veterinarians. They couldn’t help her. I’m one who takes on prayer and hangs onto the horns of the altar until I get directions through the sweet Spirit of God. He tells us to call on Him and He will show us great and mighty things. God will show up! Gracie was fighting for her life and knew we were doing all we could for her. 

Her life had a rough start because someone had thrown her away in the woods when she was a puppy and we were so blessed to be the rescue team. She is very intelligent, and has been like a child to us.

I had many faithful friends praying for Gracie, but the spirit within me cried out for me to call Doug Miller and ask him to pray for Gracie too. It was as if my heart needed an anchor to lock in all the other faithful prayer warriors. Doug went to church at Gentry and asked them to pray with him. 

Within a few days after God had His army lined up, our Gracie started to revive and life came back beautifully. She began to eat and digest her food. Her beautiful tail started to come up from the ground and wave. Her tail is like a feather and curls over her back now and Gracie is happy again. We praise Jesus everyday for His grace and mercy. 

We must never underestimate God’s power. So many heart aches today. People are suffering all over the world. It is a cursed world, but we are God’s children. We can cry to Him for Comfort. We never know how the Lord may answer and sometimes we don’t see clearly in certain circumstances, but God is with us and will never leave us alone. He has us an heir to a heavenly kingdom. He has set us free to dance with joy and sing a new song of praise to Jesus the King.

My husband and I can’t thank everyone for praying for us and we want you all to know God hears when we speak to the storms in the name of Jesus. Don’t be discouraged in times of need. Hang on and pray! God loves you.