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Rambling of the Ole Parson 5.17.2018

“It makes me love everybody…”  The song writer pinned these words many years ago.  And they are still true!  We don’t necessarily love everything they do or say, but every soul is precious to God and His children.  

I am thinking of Esau and Jacob.  It seems they had never been close since they left their mother’s womb.  Jacob had plotted against Esau and Esau hated Jacob for it, in fact, Esau was plotting Jacob’s death.  So Jacob left home with no love lost between them.

Now after 21 years of silence, Jacob desires to return—but there is this matter between him and Esau.  Jacob had gotten things straightened out with his in-laws, which incidentally may be a good place to start.  Jacob now spent the night wrestling with an angel (Christ).  What a night it must have been.  Finally, as the day was breaking the Angel said, “Let me go.”  Sometime during the night Jacob had become the aggressor, “I will not let thee go except thou bless me.”  The Angel said, “ What is thy name?”  “My name is Jacob (heel pincher, crook etc.).  At last the confession was out.  Then the Angel stated, “Thy name shall be no more Jacob, but Israel.” (Prince of God)  And He blessed him there.

Now there is Esau with whom he must deal.  Esau was angry and coming with 400 armed men.  Jacob sent a peace offering, but Esau kept on coming.  When Esau saw his crippled, humbled brother, the years of bitterness melted away as they embraced and brotherly love prevailed.  Yes, “It makes me love everybody…”