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Fire Hydrant Report 5.17.2018

Max reporting for duty as the Douglas County Herald’s newest reporter. I haven’t been in the office much, as I’ve been sniffing around Ava, just looking for the next hot topic to take a bite at and getting myself well groomed as this is official business. 

My tail was in the “full wagging” position as my human mom bellowed the words, “Let’s go Max” in her high pitched voice and we headed to the car. The door was opened and I took no time jumping in and taking my spot on the arm rest. I was alert and ready for action. Everyone knows I’m really in charge. We took a short ride in the car, not stopping for ice cream, unfortunately. But I guess I have to keep trim as I’m almost as famous as Snoopy, you know. We did land at one of my favorite spots. It has a creek, other dogs on leashes, children playing, bouncing balls that make a lot of noise as they’re tossed in the air. Those rebounding balls are too big for me to fit in my mouth though. But I do love to watch the kids run around like me. It looks like a lot of fun, but they never ask me to play.

We walked around for quite a while talking to other humans with cute little guys like me, making the same circle before we made our way across the street to Evans Road. We walked briskly up, to a place just three hiked legs up….And what to my wondering eye did appear, land that was being cleared and

Rumor Has it….

This land is for me…my own bouncing balls, for my human to get more exercise with me and others of my kind…furry, long tongues, four legs and two ears and a loud bark that is necessary. It’s going to be a dog park! Let’s talk grant money! I’m requesting a treat dispenser!

Is this a hot idea or should it be hosed down?