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Larry Wilkins legal



LARRY WILKINS,                          )

Plaintiff,                                  )

vs.                                                     )

O.B. WILKINS AND                       )


their respective unknown heirs,       )

devisees, grantees, assignees,          )

donees, alienees, legatees,                )

administrators, executors,                 )

guardians, mortgagees, trustees,        )

and legal representatives, and all     )

other persons, corporations, or         )

successors claiming by,                    )

through or under them.                     )

Defendants.                            )

Case No. 18DG-CC00014,              )


The State of Missouri to the above-named or described Defendants:

You are hereby notified that an action has been commenced against you in the Circuit Court for the County of Douglas, State of Missouri, the object and general nature of which is to try, ascertain and determine the title of Plaintiff and Defendants in and to the real estate hereinafter described and in which the Plaintiff prays the Court to decree, adjudge, determine, settle and preclude the Defendants and each of them as well as all persons claiming by, through or under the said Defendants from hereafter setting up or ascertaining any title or claim to said property, and which suit affects the following described real estate situate in Douglas County, Missouri, viz:

All of the W1/2 of the SW1/4 of Section 29, and the E1/2 of the E1/2 of the SE1/4 of Section 30, and all of a tract of land beginning at the Northwest corner of the NE1/4 of the NE1/4 of Section 31, thence running to the Northeast corner of said NE1/4 of the NE1/4, thence South 720 feet; thence in Northwesterly direction to the point of beginning, which is the Northwest corner of said NE1/4 of NE1/4 of Section 31, all of the above described land being in Township 26, Range 11, and containing in the aggregate 128 acres, more or less.

Subject to easements and restrictions of record, if any.

and for the further purpose of obtaining a decree of the Circuit Court of Douglas County, Missouri, declaring and adjudging that Plaintiff and its predecessors in title have been in open and notorious possession of the described land for the requisite statutory period.

The names of all the parties to said suit are stated above in the caption hereof and the names and address of the attorney for Plaintiff is Steven Privette, 103 E. Main St., P.O. Box 117, Willow Springs, MO 65793.

You are further notified that unless you file an answer or other pleading or shall otherwise appear and defend against the aforesaid petition within forty-five (45) days after the 26th day of January, 2018, judgment by default will be rendered against you.

It is ordered that a copy hereof be published according to law in the DOUGLAS COUNTY HERALD, a newspaper of general circulation, published in Ava, County of Douglas, State of Missouri.

A true copy from the record.

Witness my hand and seal of the Circuit Court this 26th day of January 2018.


Clerk of the Circut Court

Douglas County, Missouri

By: R. Craig Carter