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GYNCA Supports Local Women with Gynelogical Cancers

Will be in attendance at the Zumbathon here in Ava on Jan. 20

January is a very important month to our Nonprofit Organization. GYN Cancers Alliance shows support for Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. During the month of January you may see a Teal and White Ribbon being displayed. This ribbon is the symbol for Cervical Cancer.

GYNCA is located in Springfield, MO serving over 24 surrounding counties. GYNCA is run by a small office of two women, Executive Director Jan Robbins and Client Services Director Amber Kline, and a board of 20 leaders of the community. We are locally funded and do not receive any state or federal funding. GYNCA hosts 8 large scale fundraisers each year to raise money for programs and services. There are multiple community awareness events, business provided fundraisers, and annual mailing campaigns that also draw in funds. Donations can be made on our website year long.

GYN Cancers Alliance provides education, resources and support to local women and caregivers affected by gynecologic cancers, regardless of income. GYNCA is a one-of-a-kind organization in the United States in that we provide four key components inherent to the support and assistance of gynecologic cancer survivors, while other agencies may provide one or two of these programs. In many cases, these programs are offered by area hospitals.

Our organization brings all gynecologic cancer patients together, including their caregivers and families, no matter if they are seeing a local GYN Oncologist or traveling to larger cancer centers. GYN Cancers Alliance strives to keep the vision of our twelve founding women alive through the following programs: Survivor-to-Survivor Mentoring, Member Only Support Group Meetings, Education and Awareness and Emergency Non-Medical Financial Assistance.

Every month GYNCA distributes over $4,500.00 in gas card distribution. It is a program we call “Fueled By Hope”. This allows our members to get the transportation needed to travel to their life saving chemo/radiation appointments. Without our community donations, some of these women may not be able to get to their treatments.

Show your support today by wearing that teal and white ribbon. Share a picture on Facebook about prevention, treatment, and awareness. Make a donation to help our ladies get the treatments they need. Remind all women to not “Fear The Smear”. Get your yearly Pap Smear to detect for Cervical Cancer. A year can change so many things.