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Douglas and Ozark Counties RSP

The Douglas and Ozark Counties RSP will meet at 11:30, Tuesday, November 14 at Autumn’s Café in Ava. All retired school personnel are invited to attend this meeting.  Guests that day will be our current Missouri Retired Teachers Association Foundation, President Karen Miller MRTF and Region 10 Vice president, Martha Schatz.

The Douglas and Ozark Counties Retired School Personnel members were glad to hear that Public School Retirees would be getting a cost of living raise this next January after not getting one for two years. The PSRS COLA policy was changed. There will be a discussion about that at this meeting.

Last month ten members and one guest met for lunch at the Gainesville Senior and Community Center, Tuesday, October 10. Those present were Norma Stillings, Julane Williams, Barbara Roberts, Betty Moore, Jenny Billings, Jane Elder, Laura J. Waters, Caryl Feiler, Ida Mae Huse, Sue Robirds and the guest, Jayme Meints.

Caryl Feiler thanked everyone for coming and asked the blessing upon the lunch. The Senior Center was serving fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, brussel  sprouts, and a chocolate cake topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Jayme Meints, an RN with the Ozark County Health Department, gave information on current health concerns being addressed at the Health Department. Flu shots are being recommended with the expectation that this will be a bad flu year. They have taken note of the outbreaks of viruses overseas and the fact that there have not been hard freezes in recent winters to kill off the different strains of flu viruses or of ticks for that matter.

The Health Department has trainings for disaster preparedness; continues various classes in nutrition, diabetes, first aid, child safety, etc. They provide a variety of services, such as printing death certificates, giving immunizations, doing blood pressure readings, and screenings for A1C, cholesterol and PSA levels.

Carol Feiler, Laura Waters, Sue Robirds, Jane Elder, Norma Stillings, and Betty Moore attended the Region 10 meeting in West Plains, October 20. It was well done. The meeting moved along efficiently and perhaps the highlight was the musical presentation given my West Plains High School students. Although she was not present at the meeting, Marie Bristol was honored along with all the 2017 MRTA Distinguished Retirees from this region.

Carol Feiler, Laura Waters, Sue Robirds, Norma Stillings and Betty Moore attended the Region 10 Leadership Meeting in Ozark, Friday morning, November 3.

Those attending these meetings were warned about the moves to change the Public School Retirees Retirement System. The moves would not be so much a threat to current retirees, but would be a threat to the retirements of current active teachers. Protecting future pension funds from those who would like to get their hands on those funds is a big part of the Legislative Goals of MRTA.