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Fifth Sunday Meeting at Mt. Tabor Church

Mt. Tabor Church was host for Missouri Assn. 5th Sunday Meeting, Saturday. The morning service was at 10 a.m., with Brother Michael Dixon speaking. The theme was “The Harvest” and Brother Michael talked about familiar things to everyone of how bad things can come in and crowd out the good. If we, as the vines, do not bear good fruit, the Lord will prune, cut and burn, an excellent message.

We had good songs from Sister Hellen, Sister Theta Porter and Brother Michael.

We had a bountiful lunch and great fellowship before we began the afternoon service.

Brother Joshua Strong spoke at 2 p.m., using the same parable about the tares. He also, spoke of very familiar things, using the main verse, “and while men slept.” Many things happen under the cover of darkness, and the Devil  will make his move on the lost people while we sleep and are not vigilant.  This was also an excellent message, and folks were blessed.

We appreciate those who came, brought food and supported the meeting.