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What About This…? 10.5.2017

Rosalie and I went down to Branson to attend the yearly White River Valley Electrical Coop member meeting.  We have never been to one before even though we have been coop members for more than 30 years.  Its a long way to drive and the city of Branson does not hold much attraction for us.  We went there when we first arrived in Douglas County and once again when our granddaughter got married in one of the chapels there.

I don’t remember much of our first trip, not surprising since it was three decades ago, but I do remember that Five and Ten store with all the washing machines powered by gasoline meters and I think I remember an elevated model railway.  I didn’t do much looking around when we went down for that wedding as I was involved in a lot of last-minute planning and running errands; and I was partied out on the way home.  We had a really good time!  But I didn’t see much.

We left sort of early because we didn’t know the way and had a very leisurely drive, so we got to appreciate the roadway.  I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about except the very few who have avoided Branson.  During the last miles as you drive into town you are greeted by a right-of-way that is nothing short of spectacular.

The engineering and right-of-way construction is mind boggling.  The sights of the stands of rock shaped by detonations and then weather make you want to slow down and rubberneck, much to the dismay of routine travelers who have become habituated to the colors, strata, shapes and sizes all highlighted by the morning sun.  It was simply magnificent.  Anyone who has not driven down there ought to, and anyone who has but has become used to the view needs to return and take a fresh look.

I realize it is a long way to go just to look at rocks next to the road, but  it really is worth the drive.  And, I understand there are quite a few amusements offered once you get the family and yourself there.

I’m not sure why, but the trip home didn’t seem as picturesque.  I’m thinking that the angle of the roadway leaving Branson has something to do with that, but that just doesn’t seem right.  We were quite tired on the way home, and that may have affected us to the point that we weren’t as attentive.  And, who knows if this is possible, the afternoon sun may have show differently.  Of course, like everyone else, once we’ve seen something, even something as impressive as the last few miles into Branson on Highway 65, we sort of get used to it.

I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, although I’ve seen my share of pictures of it. I would imagine that’s one of the natural wonders that you never get used to seeing.  My brother has gone there many times and tells me thats the case, but Jim tries to visit approaching from a different direction each time.  I don’t think he is consciously avoiding repetition and inevitable boredom, but he goes out of his way to plot new treks.

So, next time we go to Branson we may not be as impressed as we were this trip – maybe not as impressed, but it will be difficult to take such sights as everyday scenery.

Next time you go to Branson, go on a cloudless day early in the morning.  And see if you can figure out where they put all that rock they moved!