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Ava Runners Medal At Hollister Cross Country

Three Ava High School varsity girls finished in the top 15 at the Hollister cross country meet last Thursday and received medals for the meet.
The three girls receiving medals were Eden Little, Emily Stillings and Layla Giorgianni, finishing 11th, 12th and 13th respectively, overall.
Collin Jenkins finished 12th overall in the varsity boys’ race to also receive a medal, and Dathan Kilgore finished 11th overall in the junior high boys division and medaled.
The Ava varsity girls placed second out of six full teams competing and the Ava varsity boys placed fourth out of 12 full teams.
Individual times for Ava runners were as follows:
Jr. High Girls
Karleyna Kilgore, 12:57.51
Ava Johnson, 14:56.15
Rebekah Evans, 15:27.86
Eve Fleetwood, 16:12.87
Hannah Evans, 16:33.03
Makayla Byerley, 16:26.85
Ashlyn Massey, 17:17.47
Team scores: Cassville 25, Logan-Rogersville 30, Summit Prep 107, Mtn. Grove 108, Ava 126, Sparta 147.
Schools with not enough finishers to be scored were Fair Grove, Chadwick, Taneyville, Forsyth, School of the Ozarks and Reeds Spring.

Jr. High Boys
Dathan Kilgore, 10:06.85
Reece Adams, 11:16.67
Ethan Donley, 11:47.91
Drake Garrison, 12:22.68
Devon Sudbury, 12:50.32
Tanner Marriott, 15:44.21
Trystin Maggard, 16:13.15
Dade Forrest, 18:49.16
Andrew Clevenhagen, 19:20.94
Team scores: Logan-Rogersville 47, Cassville 52, School of the Ozarks 78, Mtn. Grove 85, Ava 127, Reeds Spring 146, Sparta 169.
Schools with not enough finishers to score as a team were Summit Prep, Chadwick, Taneyville, Hollister, Fair Grove and Forsyth.

High School Girls
Eden Little, 22:35.40
Emily Stillings, 22:56.11
Layla Giorgianni, 23:19.35
Clara Sicilia, 24:18.84
Hailey Pedersen, 24:48.96
Kennedy Meyer, 26:46.05
Grace Key, 27:40.92
Emily Little, 30:02.93
Team scores: Catholic 33, Ava 58, Cassville 80, Sparta 94, Hollister 102, Mtn. Grove 130.
Schools with not enough finishers to score as a team were Reeds Spring, Summit Prep, School of the Ozarks, Spokane, Fair Grove and Chadwick.

High School Boys
Collin Jenkins, 18:21.37
Jacob Key, 19:13.88
Garret DeVore, 19:23.00
Bryce Mings, 20:22.33
Dwight Emerson, 20:46.55
Troy Herrell, 22:34.69
Braden Swofford, 22:59.46
Caden Prock, 23:23.39
Ethan Tucker, 23:34.70
Team scores: Cassville 56, Catholic 95, Spokane 122, Ava 130, Reeds Spring 135, Summit Prep 150, Hollister 176, Chadwick 190, School of the Ozarks 231, Fair Grove 246, Sparta 255, Marionville 259.
Mtn. Grove and Forsyth did not have enough finishers to score as a team.