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Ava 7th, 8th Grade Volleyball Squads Play on the Road

Ava Middle School volleyball teams were on the road this past week, traveling to West Plains and Willow Springs.
On Tuesday, Sept. 12, Ava Middle School volleyball teams traveled to West Plains. Both teams defeated the Zizzers in two game matches.
Ava 7th grade won game one 25-13 and game two 25-7. Keeley Akers was 18/20 serving for the match and had 10 aces, 5/6 passing and was 3/3 hitting.
Taylor Fleetwood was 5/5 serving with 3 aces and 8/8 passing; Lexie Gastineau was 6/6 serving with 5 ace serves and 5/5 passing; Sara Mendel was 4/5 serving with 1 ace and 8/8 passing. Autum Miller was 3/4 serving with 3 ace serves and Ivy Nelson was 3/3 serving.
Ava 8th grade won 25-15, and 25-16. Baylan Alexander was 12/12 serving with 5 aces, 3/3 hitting and 7/7 passing; Chanisty Clanton was 5/5 serving with one ace, 11/11 passing and had 5 tips. Lauren Hall was 5/5 serving with 2 ace serves and 13/16 passing. Hailey Searcy was 12/13 passing; Samantha Keyes was 2/2 serving and 6/7 passing; Addi Croston was 3/4 serving with 1 ace and 6/6 passing. Taegan Snow was 8/8 passing; Julia Henry was 4/4 serving and 5/6 passing; Kaylee Springer was 3/3 serving with two aces and 2/2 passing; and Lauren King was 1/1 serving.
Ava traveled to Willow Springs on Monday, Sept. 18. Ava 7th grade defeated the Willow Lady Bears in a two game match, 25-15, 25-14.
Keeley Akers once again dominated at the serving line, for the match she served 21/25 with 9 aces. She was also 16/16 passing and 4/4 hitting. Celia Fossett was 5/5 serving with 2 ace serves and 11/13 passing; Taylor Fleetwood was 7/7 passing, and 5/5 hitting. Lexie Gastineau was 5/6 serving, 4/5 passing, 10/10 setting and 2/2 hitting. Olivia Gastineau was 4/4 serving with one ace, 9/9 passing. Shelby Crossland was 2/2 serving and 2/2 passing; and Harlie Finch was 4/5 serving with 2 aces.
Ava 8th grade battled but lost a three game match to Willow.
Ava took game one 25-21, and fell hard in game two 9-25, but battled back but came out short 22-25 in game 3.
Addison Croston served 11/11 serving and passed 8/10. Lauren Hall served 14/17 with 7 aces and passed 22/25, set 11/12 and hit 8/8 with 7 tips. Madison Wade served 6/7 and the libero passed 22/22.
Samantha Keyes was 23/27 passing, and 12/12 setting; Chanisty Clanton was 9/9 serving with 3 aces and 13/13 passing; Taegan Snow served 7/9 with 5 aces and passed 13/15. Julia Henry was 5/5 serving and 18/19 passing; Daylee Springer was 2/3 serving and 7/7 passing; Baylan Alexander was 9/10 serving and 8/8 hitting.
Parents and fans are reminded that tonight’s games with Houston and next Monday’s matches with Mtn. Home, Ark., will be played in the high school gym due to bleacher work in the middle school.