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Hunter Education Class Scheduled Here Sept. 23

There will be a Hunter Education Skill Session offered at the Ava Middle School Cafeteria on Saturday, Sept. 23. The Hunter Education Course program has flexibility for participation and an emphasis on hands-on training.
Missouri’s hunter education program is divided into two parts. The first part provides necessary knowledge about hunting equipment, safety and ethics through an online course or a self-paced student manual.
The online course includes audio, pictures, graphs, videos and interactive animation that is designed to enhance the learning experience. Students who choose this option must complete all their chapter reviews as they go through the information and then print their completion certificate. There is a $15 course fee with this method.
Students who choose the self-paced student manual must get this manual from a Missouri Department of Conservation office or the Ava Police Department. They must then complete all chapter reviews at their own pace before attending a mandatory skills session.
After completing one of these knowledge options, all students must complete the second part of the Hunter Education procedure – a hands-on skill session. Student will need to bring the student manual with the chapter reviews filled out or their completion certificate from the online portion. The skills session includes hands on training with a firearm and a mandatory final exam that is based heavily on knowledge that has been gained from the learning options and the skill sessions. The mandatory skill session will begin at 8:30 am and end at 12:30 pm in Ava on September 23rd.
After successful completion of both portions of the course, students will receive a temporary certificate so they can immediately start hunting while their Hunter Education certification card is being processed.
To register for the skill session of the Hunter Education course go to, click on the hunting/trapping drop down and follow the link. Call Conservation Agent Mark Henry at 417-543-5990 for more information.