72 Runners Participate In 2017 Silvey Stampede

Seventy-two runners stampeded the Ava track complex last Friday night at the 2017 Silvey Stampede.
It was the 5th anniversary of the Stampede as the first year celebrated the opening of the new complex in 2013. Several runners from that first year were spotted with their 2013 shirt on, which read “Red dog” R.I.P.
For those not understanding that statement, the Ava track was one of the last in Missouri to have a red dog dirt track which hosted several track meets each year.
Medals were awarded to the top 5 in each race and in each gender.
All proceeds go to the Ava High School cross country team, who put on the Silvey Stampede and helped assist runners and worked as pacers for the entrants.
A special acknowledgment goes to Coach Larry Silvey for officially starting all the races.
The Silvey Stampede is actually named for Coach Silvey who was a legendary coach of football and track for many years at Ava High School.
Following are the results of the Silvey Stampede:
In the 0-2nd grade division runners did a 400 meter race which is one lap:
Fisher Melton, 1:33
Rhett Brooke, 1:43
Colton Premer, 1:46
Bentley Evans, 1:49
Morgan Lakey, 1:52
Parker Smith, 1:55
Jaidyn Philpott, 1:59
Macy Russell, 2:03
Azlynn Albritton, 2:06
Addy Phillips, 2:15
Brax Elwood, 2:19
Brantley Brooke, 2:23
Casten Elwood, 2:24
Paisley Powell, 2:26
Dustin Payne, 2:31
Noah Lansdown, 2:33
Caiden Emrick, 2:33.5
Corlan Suter, 2:34
Fisher Bray, 2:39
Kota Jones, 2:44
Hunter Whitaker, 3:05
Graysin Powell, 3:06
Banc Houser, 3:08
Eli Pearson, 3:10
Autumn McFarlin, 3:11
Grayson Epperson, 3:28
Scarlett Hall, 6:40
In the 3rd and 4th grade division, also one lap around the track (400 meters):
A.J. Ray, 1:24
Jed Sicilia, 1:24.2
Braelyn Willis, 1:29
Logan Meile, 1:35
Grant Swatosh, 1:37
Nancy Ames, 1:38
Abi Dalton, 1:38.5
Alexis Philpott, 1:42
Connor Forrest, 1:43
Brock Swatosh, 1:44
Brock Roberts, 1:45
Gunner Evans, 1:50
Michael Meile, 1:51
Jens Pedersen, 1:52
Thomas Ellison, 1:54
Hunter Boyd, 1:56
Zoey Payne, 2:00
Jayce Elwood, 2:10
Hope Harvill, 2:11
In the 5th and 6th grade division, which was two laps around the track (800 meters):
Mallory Melton, 3:17
Roebe Henry, 3:23
Andy Albritton, 3:28
Alexis Emrick, 3:32
Hannah Forrest, 4:08
Mariah Premer, 4:24
Abrie Pearson, 4:49
Melody Premer, 4:50
In the 7th and 8th grade division, also 2 laps (800 meters):
Celia Fossett, 2:53
Tucker Sicilia, 2:55
In the high school division, 4 laps around the track (1600 meter):
David Greek, 5:33
Elisebeth Penn    , 8:07
Linda Zook, 8:08
Anna Loftin, 8:59
Anna Mary Zook, 11:05
In the adult division 19 years and older (1600 meters):
Daniel Penn, 4:58
James Parker, 6:49
Alex Kellim, 6:55
Oren Alcorn, 8:05
Morgan Abernathy, 11:05
Lynn Cline, 13:57
In the 4×100 coed Business division:
Cooper Lumber’s team of Caleb Stillings, Travis Evans, Callie Eubanks and Emily Stillings clocked a 1:01
Ava High School cross Country members made up two coed teams to race them and finished with 58 seconds and 1:02, respectively.