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Van Donated to Douglas County Veterans Association

At the monthly meeting of the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association last week, the members were surprised and honored to receive a 12-passenger van.
The van had been owned and used by the Christian County Memorial Team, which provided the military honors for funerals throughout the multi-state area of Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Last year they conducted over 160 military funerals.
Robert Jean, commander of the team, said the team was aging and had decided to discontinue the funerals. “Members are getting older or are ill, and many have passed away so it is harder and more difficult to get enough members to provide the full complement for a funeral,” Jean said. “The Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association was recommended to us. We were familiar with them so we contacted them and we scheduled a meeting,” he added.
After the meeting, the Christian County Memorial Team came to the monthly meeting and announced they had decided to donate much of the team’s possessions to the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association. Those possessions included a 2004 Ford E350, 12-passenger van, an electronic chrome bugle which plays taps and four other military songs that can be used for funerals and other dedication programs.
In addition to those items the memorial team has over 25 uniforms and sets of patches for the uniforms which will be provided to the Douglas County Veterans.
Irv Reynolds, Commander of the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association said “We are truly grateful and honored to receive this vehicle. We hope to use it in our endeavors to continue to serve the veterans and citizens of Douglas County.”
For information on how to join the Douglas County Veterans Memorial Association, you can contact any of the members or call 417-683-0188.