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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Thank you for your editorial in the July 13 issue of the Herald. I felt a sense of support to learn that Gov. Greitens has proclaimed July Arachnoiditis Awareness Month.
I have had a gradual onset of this condition since a spinal surgery 15 years ago and am now diagnosed with adhesive arachnoiditis.
I had never heard of it before and learned that most doctors in our area have not even had experience with this disease. Online research showed that much study comes from the UK or Australia.
I feel less isolated since reading Lacy Fowler’s story and learning someone in our community is doing her part to help with the awareness effort. I am working my way through this chronic pain and seeking ways to find the purposeful and meaningful way to live with it. I, like Lacy, am so thankful for the support of my wife, Marlene, and my sons. I also feel much support from the home health people who have helped me through the problems of being unable to live independently.
Hardy Cobb