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Corps Encourages Public to Provide Comments for Draft Table Rock Lake Shoreline Management Plan

BRANSON, Mo. – The Army Corps of Engineers encourages the public to provide comments on the draft for Table Rock Lake Shoreline Management Plan before the comment period closes Aug. 30.
Around 700 people attended the public workshops, held July 31 through Aug. 2, and more than 350 comments have been received so far.
“We want to thank the public for their interest and input into this review process, so far,” said Dana Coburn, project manager for the Table Rock Lake’s SMP update. “Our goal is to hear from as many people as we can about ideas that will help sustain the future of the lake for many years to come.
“The top two issues we are hearing about are alternative power source, such as solar, being required for existing private and community boat docks and the removal of no-wake buoys near private and community docks,” added Coburn.
The Corps is exploring additional alternatives for both of these issues, looking for the best solutions.
“We heard about the concerns of removing existing power lines to docks, and recognize that a one size fits all approach is probably not the best solution, so we are asking you for detailed feedback to help us determine what right could look like. Maybe replacement of the electrical line with solar could be when an electric line needs to be replaced or doesn’t pass inspection,” said Coburn.
The same could apply to no-wake buoys.
“How might we ensure that a no-wake buoy is properly maintained and doesn’t exceed the 100-foot distance from private and community docks, provides the proper warning notification and meets the conditions of the permit,” asked Coburn.
Little Rock District leadership emphasizes that every comment card or email is being read and catalogued.
“It’s important that everyone who is interested in the future of Table Rock Lake gets an equal opportunity to be heard,” said Coburn. “There are many differing positions on SMP topics, and we are considering all viewpoints. The public’s opinion will help shape the outcome of this plan.”
More detailed feedback, from lake users on these two topics as well as others, is needed to find the best solutions possible by the end of the Aug. 30 comment period. The Corps would also like to remind people to provide comments on parts of the plan they would like to see implemented.
The shoreline management plan for Table Rock Lake establishes policy for the protection and preservation of the desirable environmental characteristics of the shoreline while maintaining a balance between public and private shoreline use. The last SMP update was completed in 1996.
For more information about the shoreline management plan update process and to information on how to submit comments visit the following website: