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Historical Society Meets July 17 at Museum

The Douglas County Historical Society held its meeting July 17. Pat called the meeting to order. Sharon gave the treasurer’s report and read the minutes from the May meeting. Both were approved. Sally gave a report on the quilt blocks picked for the 2018 quit and Sharon gave a report on the traveling quilt, where it has been and what business you will be seeing it in. It will come home to the museum just before Aug. 19 for the open house and go home with the lucky winner that day. We then discussed that we have found proof of when the Museum was built. It is a sworn statement made by William F. Reynolds that states: “Geo. Waters built the original house or rather added to the E.O. Wilson House. Then Henry Wilson and my sister, Mary Bell Wilson, added to the house and lived there until they died.” E.O. Wilson owned the place from 1875 till 1880, George Waters and wife owned the house from 1892 till 1901, Mr. Roper owned the house 1901 till 1906 and then Mary Bell Reynolds Wilson owned it. In 1988 it became the Douglas County Museum. We cannot get it accepted to the National Registry for historical homes because when we built the great room back on, we attached it to the original house and it is too big to be accepted. The next discussion was what to take for our booth at the Heart of the Ozarks celebration on July 28 and we scheduled the workers, time and etc. The traveling quilt will also be on display that night. Dick Salgado gave a report on the Pioneer Heritage Festival of the Ozarks on Oct. 7 and 8. They still have room for booths and are needing help. He gave us some pamphlets and flyers to hand out at the museum. If anyone is interested they can email at We then discussed the yellow house that was given to us. We have a lady that wants to put in an antique rose garden next spring in the location of the house, so we will need to have it removed before spring. Since it was given to us, we would like to give it to someone and they would have to move it or tear it down and remove all the materials. If anyone is interested they can come by the museum and tell us or email us at We just don’t have the finances to repair it and we haven’t figured out anything to use it for if we did, so we would like to give it to someone that has a use for it. After a general discussion of things we need to do, a motion was made by Tom to adjourn and seconded by Dick. Our next meeting will be Aug. 21 at 6:30 p.m. and everyone is welcome to attend.