Ava Man Gets 15 Days In Jail For Domestic Assault

During Judge Elizabeth Bock’s associate court day on July 20, there were a total of 148 cases on the docket. There were 108 misdemeanor cases, 25 felony cases and 15 infractions. There were 22 misdemeanor and/or infraction guilty pleas and 31 failure to appear warrants issued. Six cases were considered complete. There were also two felony cases that waived preliminary hearing and are now in circuit court. Justin Lemm, 30, of Ava, was sentenced to 15 days in the Douglas County Jail for 3rd degree domestic assault. The offense occurred in December 2016 and was investigated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. Of the 22 guilty pleas, nine were for possession of marijuana. You can follow the Douglas County Prosecutor on Facebook at Douglas County Prosecuting Attorney.