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Wichita Reunion for Descendants of Ira and Minta Hartley

Hartley Reunion July 3, 2017, in Wichita, Kan.

Over the fourth of July weekend, descendants of Ira and Minta (Gunnels) Hartley gathered in Wichita, Kan. The Hartleys had a farm on Williams Hollow near Arden from 1919 until 1953. The couple’s four children – Kiree, Lawrence, Eldon and Levon – were raised there. The eldest child, Kiree, married Orville “Jake” Brown of Spring Creek south of Ava. After he died in 1949, she went on to teach many years in Douglas County’s one-room schools and finally in Ava during the 1970s. The other three Hartley children – Lawrence, Eldon and Levon – all migrated to Wichita in the late 1940s where they worked in the aircraft industry. Of Ira and Minta’s 20 grandchildren, 14 grew up in the Wichita area and most still live there. Levon (Hartley) Elenbarger, now 90 years old, is the only surviving child of Ira and Minta. Still quite active and healthy, Levon was the honored guest for all the reunion activities. Organizing the Wichita reunion were Barbara Wilbert, daughter of Lawrence and Mina (Bindseil) Hartley, and Tameria Robinson, daughter of Sue (Luttrell) and Larry Masters. Both live in Derby, Kan., a Wichita suburb. A highlight of the three days of reunion activities was the family barbecue hosted by Gary and Jennifer (Biel) Hartley. Gary is the son of Eldon and Verda (Burleson) Hartley. (Submitted by Ken Brown, Springfield, Mo.)