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By Barbara Daniel

I am not as busy now making cookies, cakes and pies, that were once made to fill hungry little ones with big appetites, and happy smiles.

We forget how quickly our happy days with our children passes, and the beautiful times we’ve been given to love and do for them.  It is the best time of our lives when we have them close to us in a safe and loving home.  It doesn’t take a lot of money or fancy material things to please a child.  They are secure in the love and safety of the home, where they know they are loved….with fishing trips and cooking out, while dreaming about the big fish waiting in the cool water of the river.  Life is made up of the moments we spend with our precious ones and their journey of facing a future not as secure as a loving home and plans to go fishing, or spending a day reading a good book and the smell of cookies baking in the kitchen.

My kitchen is not as well traveled now and longs for the patter of little feet….the noise of laughter, the back screen door swinging open and a voice that calls to me, “Hi, Mom, I’m home.  What’s to eat?”

My time when I was young, taking care of our son was rich and full of life.  He is a man now, and will tell you he had the best childhood and the best parents.  What a wonderful reward for a journey I wouldn’t have missed.  Life is good.

But Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 19:14