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Letter to the Editor – Remove the Mayor

To the Douglas County Herald:

George Washington warned that government is like fire, which we must not handle carelessly. We see now that the Mayor of the City of Ava has been careless with government fire.

To be “American” is to rule as king or queen among other kings and queens. This is more dangerous than driving a car. Many do not even know they are driving, and are clueless as to why they crash.

Mayor David Norman just crashed into Patricia Davis and lost in court. He had to lose so the residents of the City of Ava may continue to be protected by the Rule of Law.

This good fortune came about not without great effort by Ms. Davis, who sent me your recent well-written front page story. To complete the story, the residents of the City of Ava should consider what this Mayor has done to cause the events you have reported.

You cite the ruling that he committed an “abuse of discretion.” Full legal documentation of that abuse, and the responses to it, are available for review at

Patricia Davis told me how this affair originated with a complaint by her neighbors, whose Mayor, David Norman, serves as he defies the Rule of Law, arbitrarily reversing the City’s approval of the bamboo. Such action imperils the rights of every resident of the City of Ava. People call this issue “Bamboo-Gate,” as if they anticipate a downfall reminis-cent of “Watergate.” Are informed residents of the City of Ava starting to see this Mayor’s actions as a possible cause for his removal from office?

If they are serious, they might arrange to interview the Mayor to get the truth from him. If he thinks he is right and the court is wrong, let him prove that. Otherwise, let him apologize and change. So far, he has consistently refused demands for legal justification. If he still thinks he is right, and refuses to apologize, should he not resign, or be removed? Do residents of Ava want their mayor to be a scofflaw? Would that not be playing with fire?

What do you think?

Thomas Francis

Pagosa Springs, Colorado