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Letter to the Editor 6.29.2017

Dear Editor:

No More Bees!?

A friend had a letter published in the DC Herald a year ago this month in which the film “Resonance: Beings of Frequency” was mention-ed. I have just watched that docu-mentary for the second time. The part about bees really stuck with me, because this year I have only seen one or two. Last year there were perhaps 80% fewer than in 2015, and in 2015 their numbers were about half of what I saw in 2014.

Watching the film, the reason for the decimation of bee populations becomes crystal clear. Once you grasp what it is saying AND see that the bees have left Ava, you might feel as sick at heart as I do right now. The reality of the peril we’re in hit me like a ton of bricks today while I was working in my yard.

The red clover growing in patches of my yard has been flowering since May. Several years ago the blossoms were teeming with big yellow-and-black bumblebees, but today not a single bee can be seen. I didn’t find even a small honeybee. The huge decline I noticed last year was not a fluke after all.

Maybe you haven’t noticed that the bees are mostly gone, but I promise you that if you had blossoming red clover, you could not fail to notice.  It’s not just the bees that have left, either; I’ve seen drastic declines in the numbers of butterflies and various birds, particularly hummingbirds.  I used to need at least two hummingbird feeders to keep the birds around my house happy, but I only saw one hummingbird last year, and none this year. “Resonance” explains the reason for these species disappearance.

Ever thought about what your life might be like as a nuclear holocaust survivor? It would be like nothing you’ve ever experienced, and not a lot of fun. What’s happening now with the bees is an indicator that a similar end is coming about in slow motion. It can still be reversed, but there’s very little time left in which to shift gears.

I can’t sit back and let it be said that I did nothing. If I had the means to rent the Ava Family Theater for a week and show the film continuously to everyone who would come and watch, I surely would do that. But you can do what I did: Search online for “Resonance: Beings of Frequency” then spend 88 minutes viewing it.

Is the resonance that’s doing in the bees also to blame for the apparent apathy of the citizenry, or is it just ignorance? I wish I knew. If you do see that film and feel compelled, as I do, to take some constructive action, I want to talk with you. I’m not hard to find. Feel free to look me up. Thanks.

Pat Davis

Ava, Missouri