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What About This . . .? 6.15.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano

Humidity. Everyone complains about it and in truth it makes just about any temperature more difficult to tolerate.

If you were outside on Saturday, April 29, 2017, anywhere around here you will remember the 100% humidity we experienced without the relief of a rain.  The 65º temperature seemed like 80º.  About the best thing you could say was that it was very rare for us to have such a wet day.

We think a 75º or 80º day with 70% humidity is horrible and threatens our very survival.  Well, Bunky, let me tell you about Corpus Christi, Texas.  I can speak authoritatively because I lived there for quite a while. I know that you are thinking that places like Galveston or Lake Charles, Louisiana are similar, weather-wise, and you are correct.  Even New Orleans is like that, but in New Orleans you are never sober enough to notice the temperature, let alone the humidity.

Corpus Christi is different from Galveston, Lake Charles, and all the other gulf cities because even after you have spent time there and lived through what many characterize as a jungle atmosphere without the excitement of poisonous snakes, you are drawn against your will to return.

Yes, the temperature is always too high.  The humidity averages, averages, 77% day and night, month by month.  You rush from air conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned bar (or office) and regardless of your speed in doing so, your clothes wilt.  Steel will rust before your very eyes.  Two or three showers a day are mandatory.  The light fragrance of mildew is pervasive.  What can there possibly be to create such a migratory pressure?

Some say the slow and easy lifestyle. Others say the wonderfully fresh seafood that is everywhere.  And many others point to the beautiful beaches, which is close to the real reason that we return so eagerly to Corpus Christi.

What is it about these beaches that makes this extravagantly high humidity and even temperatures endurable, may even increase the temperature and humidity one feels?  I’ll bet you can figure it out, can’t you.

Whenever you are tempted to complain about our temperatures, or our humidity, consider a trip to Corpus Christi, Texas, where you’ll have a chance to consider the trade-off value of even higher measures against its beach . . . . scenery.