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The Snoop- June 15, 2017

No More Snow “Due to a chemical ‘telekinetic’ mind problem, snow will no longer fall on the planet. The water in cold clouds won’t be made into snowflakes any more. “A mind around the planet, that helped make snow, has been damaged. It took a long time for the snow mind to be on the planet. “There will be no snow after this year. Unless a repair can be made, but it’s not looking too good. “There might be frozen mist drops? “There will still be ice. “Making of artificial snow, might still occur, made by artificial snow machines now used at ski slopes. So children and others might still be able to try snow. “When it does not snow, remember I have some right information for the planet. For example: How to save the atmosphere from heating up. I am a real genuine medium, that has heard some ghosts with true information for over 20 years.” The previous was sent to the Herald a couple of weeks ago as a Letter to the Editor. The letter is signed (sort of, with a rubber stamp) by a gentleman who gives his address as Little Rock, South Carolina. He also shares an email address and a website, but I’m not going to print any of that information for the sake of maintaining a certain degree of credibility on my part. Even Al Gore in his Global Warming theory did not predict no more snow anywhere on Planet Earth. *  *  * Now for one that is credible. This, too, was received as a letter to the editor following Memorial Day. I share it with you now, on the day after Flag Day on which the veterans organizations made good on their promise to display flags around town, once again. No amount of publicity or praise is enough to show our appreciation to the men and women of the VFW and American Legion who are out, early and late, in all kinds of weather, posting flags along the streets of Ava and at sponsoring businesses on the various holidays. They only charge enough to cover the cost of the flags they purchase, and yes, it certainly does make our town look nice. Dear Editor:    Didn’t the town of Ava look super on Monday (Memorial Day)?  The American Legion and the VFW are glad to place the flags on certain holidays to make our town look great again. Thank you to the businesses that sponsor us and thank you to the individual homes that put flags out on the front of their house or posted them in their yards. We did notice them. We plan on doing it again on June 14, Flag Day.    If you want to help sponsor a flag or help with donations for new flags and poles to be placed, just see any of the veterans and we will appreciate anything you can do.    And thank you for coming to the cemetery service.  Didn’t those young kids do a good job singing and congratulations to the Boys State and Girls State candidates.    Remember to pray for the active military and for the veterans here at home. Tommy Roberts US Navy Veteran