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Ava Swim Team Competes at Mtn. View

Members of the Ava Swim Team are pictured above with their ribbons following competition at Mtn. View last Saturday.

The Ava Swim Team traveled to Mtn. View last Saturday for a swim meet. Following are individual results for the Ava swimmers.
An asterisk (*) next to a name denotes a first year swim team member.
6 & Under Girls Sarah Lewis*: 4th 25m Free. Kaymen Smith*: 3rd 25m Free. Allison Williams: 3rd 2m Breast; 1st 25m Back. 6 & Under Boys Cayden Emerick*: 2nd 25m Free. Bryce Stewart*: 3rd 25m Free.
7-8 Girls Belle Cooper*: 4th 25m Free. Cheyenne Lewis: 2nd 25m Free. Samantha Thompson*: 3rd 25m Free; 4th 25m Back; 3rd 50m Back. Karissa Williams: 1st 25m Back.
9-10 Girls Lizzie Cooper*: 8th 25m Free; 12th 25m Back. Halle Watson*: 11th 25m Free; 9th 25m Back; 7th 50m Back.
9-10 Boys Devyn Gieber: 5th 25m Free; 8th 50m Free; 7th 25m Back. Ethan Koloski: 7th 50m Free. Brock Roberts: 6th 25m Free; 6th 25m Back; 3rd 50m Back. Ben Stewart*: 2nd 25m Breast; 3rd 50m Free; 3rd 25m Fly. Malachi Williams: 2nd 100m IM; 2nd 50m Free; 1st 25m Fly. Oliver Williams: 2nd 25m Free; 2nd 25m Back.
11-12 Girls McKenna Browning: 3rd 100m IM; 4th 50m Free; 2nd 50m Breast. Alexis Emerick*: 3rd 25m Free; 7th 25m Back. Qwynn Gieber: 2nd 100m IM; 2nd 50m Free; 3rd 50m Breast. Abigail Hartley: 3rd 25m Breast; 1st 50m Free; 3rd 50m Back. Bethany Menke*: 4th 25m Free; 10th 50m Free. Mickaylah Shae: 9th 50m Free; 7th 50m Breast; 5th 50m Back. Harley Yocum*: 5th 25m Breast; 8th 50m Free; 4th 50m Back. 11-12 Boys Jayden Gieber: 4th 50m Free; 3rd 25m Back; 2nd 50m Back. Cody Koloski: 4th 25m Free; 1st 25m Back. 13-14 Boys Hayden Browning: 2nd 25m Free; 4th 50m Free; 1st 50m Back. Doyle Young: 3rd 25m Free; 4th 50m Free; 1st 25m Back.
15-19 Boys Jacob Gillies: 3rd 100m Free; 3rd 25m Breast; 2nd 50m Breast. Josh Gillies: 1st 100m IM; 2nd 100m Free; 3rd 50m Breast.
19-25 Boys Drew Adams: 1st 100m IM; 1st 50m Fly.
Town & Country Supermarket provided water for the team to keep them hydrated between events.