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Looking Backward 6.8.2017

   25 Years Ago

June 4, 1992


A drivers education class will begin next Monday at Ava High School, with sign-up to be held at the first session.

The Douglas County Museum held a ceremonial ribbon cutting on the steps of the Museum last Friday evening to mark the opening of the 100-year-old structure.  The ribbon cutting also opened Music on the Square for the summer season, with the first performance being on the steps of the museum.

Nona Norwin, Bradleyville Elementary Principal, has retired after 42 years in education.  Mrs. Norwin started teaching as an 18-year old with one summer of college training.  During her first year of teaching at West Rhodes, Mrs. Norwin rode a horse to and from school, about 12 miles a day. While teaching at Glory, she paddled a boat across the White River in order to get to school.

The United State Achievement Academy announced today that Gary Moore has been named a United States National Collegiate Award winner in Education.  Moore is the son of Robert and Daisy Moore, Ava.

Awards received by under-classmen at the awards program on May 19 were the Mary Ann Brusselback Writing Awards, presented by Bill Brusselback.  Recipients were Penny Spring, sophomore, Short Story; and Sarah Silvey, junior, Poetry.

Jim Sell of Ava MFA Agri-Services presented the $1000 MFA Foundation Scholarship to Jolene Tate at the Senior Honor Awards program.

RED BUD VILLAGE –– Alice VanHouden, Ruth Evans, Margret Sparnicht, Lea Moyer, Nellie Norman, Ann Dowell and Willene Adams were welcome callers at the apartment home of Will H. and Clara Havens this past week.


50 Years Ago

 June 1, 1967


Approval of a $52,500 grant from the Economic Development Administration to aid in construc-tion of the Ava Municipal Memorial Airport was announced this week by Senators Stuart Symington and Edward V. Long and Mayor Fred O. Lethco.  The grant will be matched by state and local funds for a total project cost of $105,000.

The Carp’s Department Store chain with a retail store in Ava is observing its 49th anniversary, it was announced this week by Bruce Long, manager.  Carp’s opened its first retail store in 1918 in Mt. Vernon, Ill., and 49 years later and still owned by the same family, it has grown to a chain of 65 stores.

The Rippee Wildlife Area, located about 14 miles east of Ava, is under development by the conser-vation commission and is expected to be completed within the next few weeks.  A 250-acre recreational area near Ava for use by the hunting and fishing public is in the final stages of development.  There’s nothing more restful than a peaceful Ozarks stream nestled in the hills of the Southern Missouri Ozarks and surrounded by fresh air and beautiful countryside.  That’s what you’ll find at the Rippee Wildlife areas, located east of Ava, just off of Highway 14.  Bryant Creek crosses through the Rippee Wildlife area and extends about one and a fourth mile along the area. For a day of fishing from the banks, float fishing or just plain relaxing, visit this new development provided by the state conservation commission.

Take Your Medicine –– Don’t be all sail and no anchor. …  Just think, the biggest fool in the world may not have been born yet!  … If at first you don’t succeed, well, so much for sky diving.  … Only a mediocre person is always at his best.  …  The man who can smile when things go wrong isn’t doing a thing to help the situation!

David E. Pitts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pitts of Route 2, Ava, has been assigned to Wright County as Department of Conservation agent, after completing a 4½ month train-ing course.

Max Stephens, nine-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Stephens, entered St. John’s Hospital Wednes-day, May 24, for a tonsillectomy.

Shaving was originally a pro-tective measure since long beards were easy for opponents in combat to seize.

In Douglas County, it is shown, stores selling food and automotive equipment captured a large share of the market. Together they attracted 40 percent of all retail business in the local area.

Republican Rex Kelley of Norwood, was elected to fill the unexpired term of the late James Baker, longtime sheriff of Wright County, in a special election Friday.  Kelley defeated Democrat Edward Young of Mtn. Grove, 979 to 663.  Mrs. Opal Baker, widow of Baker who died April 2 in St. John’s Hospital following an apparent heart attack, served as temporary sheriff pending the election.


75 Years Ago

June 4, 1942


The new county agent is Clyde Clubb of Advance, who arrived Wednesday and was approved Wednesday night by the Douglas County Extension Board. Mr. Clubb is married and his wife is here with him.  Mr. Clubb has been teaching school in Wayne, Bollinger and Stoddard counties and this week received the degree of B.S. in Agriculture from the University of Missouri.

When Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Crossland leave Douglas County for Oklahoma City June 10, they will take with them one bird from their poultry. Flock.  It is a White Leghorn chick that was hatched Wednesday last week.  It is an unusual chick because it has four legs, one surplus pair back of and above the first pair.  The chick seemed quite healthy and chipper when Mr. and Mrs. Crossland brought it into the Herald office Friday.

William (Audie) Clark, pleaded guilty to a charge of forgery in a called term of circuit court here Tuesday and was sentenced to two years in the state penitentiary.  The state charged that on May 2 Clark forged a check for $8.90 on the Citizens Bank on which the name of John Victor was fraudulently signed, and that he passed the check to Lloyd Friend. Clark was arraigned May 15 before Justice of the Peace R. A. McJimsey and waived preliminary.

Miss Viola Osborn, daughter of Mrs. F.M. Osborn of Ava, and Ellis Turner, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Turner of Shelbyville, Mo., were united in marriage Monday in the auditorium of the Mt. Zion Bible school.  Both were former students of the school.

Two air raids were made on Dutch Harbor, U.S. Naval base on the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, Wednesday, the Navy Department announced today.  There were few casualties, it was reported and little damage done. Some Douglas County soldiers are believed stationed at Dutch Harbor.

Miss Una Ellison left Sunday for New York City where she will again study in Columbia University. Miss Ellison plans to be away six weeks. She will receive her master’s degree from the university at the close of the term.

Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Gipson and son, Jim, moved Saturday to the Gladys Stewart property on Spring Street, which was vacated late last week by the Wardell Stanfields. The Gipsons had been living in the Wallen home on Madison Street.

A sandwich supper was given Wednesday night in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Proctor in honor of their son, Chalmer, and nephews, Louis and Private Gerald Proctor, who are leaving soon. Following supper was a charivari for their older son, Vassel and Ruby Hicks who were married recently.


100 Years Ago

June 7, 1917


That very few in Douglas County have evaded regulation is indicated by the number who offered them-selves for the draft on Tuesday of this week.  The figures ran consider-ably higher than any of the registration officials had previously predicted.  The total number registering was 2,179, two of whom were aliens.  One alien was registered in McKinley Township and one in McMurtrey Township, 794 of the total number registering applied for exemption from the draft.

Five persons were killed and several others are injured as the result of a tornado that swept through Wright County between Norwood and Mtn. Grove on Tuesday night of this week.  The storm swept in from the southwest and first struck about a mile and a half southeast from Norwood, demolishing the Fairview Church and school house.

Deputy Sheriff Fred Livingston of Vera Cruz went to Blanche last Friday and arrested Wm. Riley on charges of bootlegging. Riley was brought to town the same day and locked in the county jail to await trial in September.

Dr. J.L. Gentry reports the arrival of a girl at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Brooks who live on Bryant.  Born Monday.

NEW YORK –– The port of New York was closed Friday to outgoing vessels, not even fishing boats or barges being permitted to pass out of the Narrows.  Arriving steamships were permitted to enter.  The cause of the closing of the port was not made known.  The gate has not been closed in the daytime since it was placed in position, soon after diplomatic relations with Germany were served.  Both Navy yard and custom officials refused information as to the reason for the move.

Clarence Spurlock is driving a new Dodge car this week.

New curbing was put in this week in front of the post office and M.C. Reynolds building.

The Lamar Missouri Democrat, a live weekly in Barton County, has installed a new typesetting machine, a Model A Intertype, just like the one recently installed in the Herald office.

W.J. Gentry and Andy Williams have purchased the north side meat market from Jones & Martin.

The last legislature made numerous radical changes in auto-mobile law, in addition to doubling the license on every car.  The new provisions are very drastic. Some are as follows:  Every sale of a motor car must be reported to the Secretary of State; joy riding is a prison offense; running from the scene after striking and injuring any person is a felon; twenty-five miles an hour is established as the lawful speed for country roads; use of dirigible searchlights is prohibited in cities except to light the roadway ahead.

Rain, rain, rain, we long for some more good old dry weather.


125 Years Ago

June 9, 1892


GUTHRIE, Ok., June 3 –– The robbery of the Santa Fe train Wednesday night is believed to have been done by the Dalton gang.  The number of shots fired during the holdup is variously estimated at from fifty to 100.  The safe of the express company contained only a few hundred dollars, so the thieves will have little to remunerate them for their great risk.

GALVESTON, Texas, June 6 –– Reports continue to come in from the more obscure villages of destruction by Tuesday’s cyclone.  At Lufkin several persons were injured, a number of them fatally, and a number of building demolish-ed.  Blasen reports a number of houses destroyed and at least 20 persons badly injured, six fatally.

Cold Springs will celebrate the Fourth at Coats’ Store with a grand basket picnic.

The new tanning process being introduced at Ava in the Wright Tanning and Manufacturing Company is a grand success.  The leather turned out by this process is superior in quality and durability to leather tanned in any other process.

Jackson Silvey of Washington Township has secured an allowance of an increase in his pension and is now getting $10 per month.

Judge Spurlock, chairman of the Republican Central Committee, has issued a call for a mass convention to be held at Ava on June 1st for the purpose of electing delegates to the judicial convention at West Plains on July 9.  This county is entitled to seven delegates.

The Joint discussion last Saturday at Mt. Zion School House, in Walls Township, was well attended.  A. Burkhead and E.H. Farnsworth represented the Republicans, and Harry Miller, the Wheelers.  Judging from the reports received the meeting, there was nothing left of poor Harry but the wiggle end of his old worn-out calamity wall.

From Seymour:  J. W. McElwain, who was bearded in his den (blind tiger) and who escaped from Mansfield, was captured in Seymour by Constable Robertson and Marshal Denny Friday evening and returned to Mansfield Saturday.

FORSYTH –– The trial of the lynchers was continued Thursday on application of the defendants until 10 o’clock on Friday, the witnesses not appearing on account of the high waters.  Everything appears quiet but no one can tell at what moment there may be an effort to release the prisoners and to murder Geo. Friend, the man who “told it all.”

Miners Wanted –– I have a shaft 19 feet deep with lead in sight. Over 50 pounds of lead taken out the last day the shaft was worked.  I have another shaft 25 feet from the one just mentioned, 18 feet deep.  I will furnish to parties leasing the claim a camp house, with stove and cooking utensils, a full set of miner’s tools, drills, windlast, tubs, etc. My reasons for leasing are that I am too old to mine.  Call on or address E.D. Pennington, Ava, Mo.