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Looking Backward 4.20.17

   25 Years Ago

April 16, 1992


Officers of the Douglas County Landowners and Taxpayers Association which opposed the Natural Streams Act last year and now opposes the Mo-Ark Initiative which was presented in Douglas County last Wednesday afternoon are Bob Gooden, vice president; Kelly Huffman, treasurer; and W.J. Lee, president.  Dale Uhlmann is secretary of the group.

Susan Combs, Bradleyville junior, and Rhonda Grigg, Bradley-ville senior, were selected to the all-Mark Twain Conference volleyball team recently.  Combs is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Combs; Grigg is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Grigg.

Jim (Leroy) Jones, Gainesville, scored a hole-in-one at the Ava Country Club golf course during tournament play here Sunday. The team of Jones and Ralph and Travis Brown, also of Gainesville, went on to take first place in A-flight in the tournament.

On Sunday, April 12, the congre-gation of Ava Full Gospel Church dedicated their new church sign to the glory of God.  The new sign was graciously donated by Mr. and Mrs. Robert VanCamp, of Thornfield, and was designed and built by local artist Leroy Maack, who is a member of the church.  Pastor Butch McCleary is the pastor.

LITTLE RIDGE NEWS –– Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Green and daughters are bottle feeding 35 baby calves.

RED BANK –– Karen Lakey, Bonnie Reid, and Erma Lee Welton enjoyed visiting and having lunch together a couple of days last week.

SANDY –– Bert and Bessie Hodges were visited by their grand-daughter, LeaAnn Hodges over the weekend.  LeaAnn stayed over Friday night, mowed the lawn on Saturday for them, and then entertained with a banjo concert Saturday evening.


50 Years Ago

 April 13, 1967


A burglary was reported at the Haynes Sinclair Station last Wednesday night when between $60 and $70 in cash and an amount of turkey permits and fishing and hunting permits were stolen, Douglas County Sheriff, Chancey Sherman, reports.  Also entered during the past week was a building at the Prairie Hollow Cemetery where a lawnmower was reported stolen. Sheriff Sherman is continuing investigation on the theft.

An organizational meeting of the Ava R-I Board of Education was held last Friday evening at the high school building following re-election of the two board members whose terms had expired.  Elected president of the board was Fred Snelson.  Snelson replaces Harry Williams.  Dean Davis was elected vice-president, Clifford Robertson is secretary of the board, and Mrs. Fannie Lewis is treasurer.  Other board members are Jay Monger and Oscar Thomas.

John Olson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Olson, Route 3, Ava, has been named valedictorian of the Class of 1966-67 of Ava High School, and Bob House, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harlan House, 1503 South Jefferson, has been named saluta-torian of the class.

Members of the Ava High School Music Department carried away a bulk of honors during the District Music Festival held last Friday in Springfield.  The students, under the direction of King Shollenberger, music director, received eleven I Ratings, four II Ratings, and two III Ratings.

The South Central Association Industrial Arts Fair will be held at the Ava High School on Saturday, April 21, it was announced this week by Bill Cradic, instructor.

Mr. and Mrs. James Fleetwood (Alice Cooper), who have been living in rental property on Northeast 5th Avenue in Ava, moved last week to their new home in west Ava.  Mr. and Mrs. Fleetwood’s new home, located in a new sub-division south of the Pettit Drive-in Theatre, opened recently by Andy Campbell, was completed a few days before the couple made the move.

Two parcels of local property changed ownership last week with the sale of the Joe Sutherland property in northeast Ava to Chester Allen.   Mr. and Mrs. Ted Sallee, who were living on the property, have purchased the Ramey Smith home, also in the northeast section of the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gray of Star Route, Ava, announce the birth of a daughter Friday evening, April 7, I St. John’s Hospital, Springfield.  The baby weighed 8 lbs., and she has been named Joanie DeAnn.

Seniors receiving letters at the Athletic Banquet for the past foot-ball season are Lendel King, Dwain Moore, Clifford Strong, Otis McFarlin, Alvin Barnes, Don Flattem, Charles Cook and Darrell Graham. Football coach is Charles McCallister.


75 Years Ago

April 16, 1942


The Clover Farm Store, operated by Fred Lethco, will be moved this weekend to the Burdett building, just north of the square.  For the past two years the Clover Farm Store has been in the Spurlock building just off the southwest corner of the square.

  1. B. Osborn, Jr. this week purchased the L.B. Barnes feed store in the north part of town, and took charge immediately. Mr. Osborn plans to feature the Quaker Oats Company line of feed, the Full-O-Pep brand.

NORFOLK, Va. –– Former professional baseball stars now in the service of the U.S. Navy are now playing for the Norfolk naval team.  They are Sam Chapman, Bob Feller, Frank Hutchinson and Ace Parker.

Luna Newton has been employed as teacher for the coming term of school.

Miss Betty Norman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Norman, earned a position on the William Woods College honor roll for the first nine weeks of the second semester by making an average of 3.00 out of a possible 4.00.

FOX CREEK –– Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hancock are the proud parents of a new eleven-pound boy born Thursday April 8. He has been named Alvin Wesley.

ROCKBRIDGE –– Due to high waters no mail arrived here from Mountain Grove from Tuesday until Saturday of last week.

WASOLA –– Ray Hurst and Irene Epps have been employed as teachers of the Wasola School.

Mrs. Gladys Stewart, who finds time, among other things, to keep up with recent books, has a copy of “Take to the Hills” by Marguerite Lyon, one of those books that purport to inform city dwellers all about us people in the Ozarks.  Mrs. Lyon and her husband, Robert Lyon, live on “Sunrise Mountain Farm” near Mountain View.  She and her husband formerly lived in Chicago.  Mr. Lyon has an apparently prospering jelly canning industry established.  Made from Ozarks fruits and berries, the jelly is marketed in metropolitan centers.

ARNO –– Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sutherland of Ava spent Sunday with Mrs. Sutherland’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Lakey.

After three or four years Arno has a store again.  We are proud to say we can go to the store again.  Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Creech are the owners.

Lawrence Thompson is employ-ed in Neosho.

SWEDEN –– Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Bishop and Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Halford spent Sunday in the George Thurman home.

BLACK OAK –– The Black Oak school board met at the schoolhouse Friday afternoon to organize, Clint Harris was chosen president.  J.T. Robertson is clerk, Mark Prine and Dee Jenkins, members.

Saturday night and Sunday is Rev. Allen Ledbetter’s appointment date at Spring Creek.


100 Years Ago

April 19, 1917


A movement was started among the business men of Ava yesterday to plan a cooperative meeting with the farmers for the purpose of discussing larger and better crops for Douglas County.  Every farmer within reach of here is invited and urged to be present.  The president of the United States, Governor of our own great State, U.S. Depart-ment of Agriculture, and our state agricultural institutions, are urging just such meetings all over the country.  Never before in history was there a greater inducement for farmers to grow large crops.  The demand for farm products is making itself plain through the enormous prices we are paying for foodstuffs. The country is at war.  And it is going to be a farmers’ war, a war in which corn, wheat and meat will be great munitions, for immense supplies of food will be needed for the armies of our Allies.

The second attempt this year to vote the stock law in Boone Township failed by six votes Tuesday of this week.  The vote was 69 against and 63 for.

At a time when everyone is complaining of the high cost of living, it might be well to see if we cannot eliminate two great sources of waste –– fires and rats.

We are forced to set our type by hand again this week because we don’t have electricity. The new wheel for the light plant is expected any time soon.

Germany says that she refuses to go to war with the United States.  You just can’t please some people.  Germany has been making war on us for two years, murdering our people, sinking our ships, and doing all sorts of wicked things, and now that we are going to war with her she says she will not fight us.  Can you beat it?

Rev. J.E. Nevils has bought the Ava end of the Mansfield-Ava mail route from Jeff Hodge and started carrying the first of the week.

J.L. Sanders has moved into the restaurant building just south of the Herald building.  Good meals 25 cts. Beds 25 cts.

C.H. Burdett sold his Maxwell car, and has bought a Velie Six.

This week I.R. Strong moved his stock of goods from the Osborn building on the east side of the square into the Bralley building on the south side.

The Johnson Brothers confec-tionery has been moved from the Pettit building on the north side of the square into the building recently vacated by S.J. Hassen on the south side.

Vernie Wilson, Corbin Blair, and Kruger Waters were Sunday dinner guests at the Ozark Hotel.


125 Years Ago

April 21, 1892


Forty-nine years after being wrecked a schooner sunk off Cape May Inlet has been rescued by the waves from their bed of sand, and within a week, will be floated.  The sea does give up its secrets after all.

Sing a Song of Democrats

Sing a song of Democrats,

Mostly full of rye

Going down to Washington

Feeling pretty high.

But when Congress opened

What a lively fuss,

Every mother’s son of them

Begins to kick and cuss.

Cleveland in the nursery,

Acting very funny.

Hill in the pantry,

Eating bread and honey.

Mills in the back yard,

Hanging out the clothes,

Along came a “Union” branch

And snipped off his nose.


Dave Hill improved the opportunity he had at Jackson, Mississippi, to give the ex-confederates a taste of his bourbonism.  When at this late day a Democrat denounces the legal tender act as unconstitutional and abuses the Supreme Court for its decision upholding the greenbacks, no further proof is needed to show that he belongs to the class of bigots who never learn anything and never forgot anything.  It would be unfair, however, to say that Hill stands alone among Northern Democrats in holding that the greenbacks are unconstitutional and that the law providing for their issue is a “most dangerous heresy which the Republican party once packed the bench of the Supreme Court to get a false judgment upon as constitu-tional.”    Dave Hill hates a “Lincoln shinplaster” as bitterly now as he did the day it was first issued.  At heart he has no better opinion of a “Lincoln hireling” now than then.  He dropped his mask for a moment in his Mississippi speech and in reviling the greenbacks in round terms he gave the country a glimpse of his real features that will not soon be forgotten.

The Scientific American thinks that the devices for sending torpedoes to destroy any vessel three miles from shore in safety, through any kind of sea, may also be used in sending life boats an equal distance to rescue passengers from a wreck.

The hair dressing of ladies was an expensive affair in the sixteenth century.  Queen Elizabeth at one time was possessed of no fewer than eighty attires of false hair.

The back water from the Mississippi River has covered miles of bottom lands in Mississippi County to a depth of from nine to ten feet.  Farmers from the flooded districts state that a large amount of stock has perished in the water and much damage has been done to growing crops.  Should it clear up and turn warm while the wheat is under water the crop will be a total loss.