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What About This…? 3.23.2017

By Wayne William Cipriano

Why are the Democrats doing to Trump exactly what the Republicans did to Obama? Why oppose every single appointment, every single issue brought forward by Trump?  Is it simply, as Rosalie so succinctly put it, because it worked?  It is just as puerile and frustrating and yes, un-American when the Democrats do it as when the Republicans did it.

And if these people we send to Washington to run this circus gave a flip about our country instead of what benefits them individually and immediately would this still be happening?  We could change all this at the very next election.  Will we?

Something that glares out above so much other detritus, and has to mystify everyone just as much as it does me is the rationality tangent our new president is navigating.  You do not become as rich as he has become, mainly on his own effort, and certainly don’t get elected to the Presidency of the United States of America if you are nuts.  So, there has to be reasons for the behavior we all see every night on the news and for that which is kept from us, possibly “for our own good.”

Is it just to remain unpredictable?  Is it just to keep his opposition off balance?  Is it to keep every possible option open?  Surely there must be solid reasons for what seems to be, on its face, confused irrationality.

But, whatever those reasons, are they strong enough to cast our president in the embarrassing and much worse dangerous position where his word is not trusted?  His announcements of fact immediately provable as false?

Listing the crazy accusations, the lies, the purposeful misinterpreta-tions just bums me out so I won’t do it.  But, just as much as every Trump supporter, I am hoping against hope, for the good of our country, there is some method to all this madness.