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How to Grow Plants Hydroponically

This growing method has several benefits

SPRINGFIELD — For those who enjoy gardening, hydroponics offers a way to grow plants and fresh produce any time of the year.

“The basic concept of hydroponics is growing plants without using soil,” said Dr. Melissa Remley, assistant professor of environmental plant science at Missouri State University. “Instead, plants are placed in a support container and the roots then can grow into a nutrient solution to get all the nutrients they need.”

Items needed –– some essential hydroponics supplies to get started are:

Trays and containers

Nutrient solution

Air pump and stones

Plastic tubes


Why hydroponics?

“A main benefit of growing plants hydroponically is that you can grow them anywhere under any light source,” said Remley.

Other benefits include:  Ability to grow all year, faster growth rate and greater yield, full control over nutrient balance, more eco-friendly as it uses less water and pesticides, and no need for weeding.

To learn more, go to YouTube and watch Bears Show How to Grow Plants Hydroponically.

For more information, contact Remley at 417-836-5090.