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Looking Backward 3.16.2017

25 Years Ago

March 12, 1992


For the first time in almost 44 years, the City of Ava has a new legal advisor.  James E. Curry, attorney for the City of Ava since July 1948, announced his resigna-tion this week.  The resignation was accepted by the City Council at Monday night’s regular meeting.

Douglas County Democrats met at the courthouse in Ava Tuesday night and unanimously selected Arkansas governor Bill Clinton as their presidential candidate for 1992.

“I’d like to still be playing but I’m certainly not disappointed,” was the reaction of Coach Jess Blevins following Ava’s 67-50 loss to Marshfield in the semifinals of the regional tournament at Willow Springs last Thursday night.

Alva and Edith Ritter celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary Sunday, March 1, at their home with a big barbecue dinner in the yard and cake with yellow roses.

M/Sgt. Randy Reid who has spent the past fifteen months in Turkey arrived in the states for a 3-day furlough. Following his 30-day leave Sgt. Reid will be stationed in San Antonio, Tex.

Synergy Gas, Ava, recently announced the winner of the “Just for Kids” coloring contest. The talented winner is Tabitha McFarlin, who received a $50 U.S. Savings Bond.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Johnson honored their granddaughter Emily, who just turned 1 with a birthday party Sunday March 8.

There will be a community “Tribute to Renie” salad luncheon at Trinity Lutheran Church on Wed-nesday, March 25 at 11:30.  Renie Lellelid will be going to Mbula, Tanzania, about April 20, under the auspices of Lutheran World Mission Volunteers.


50 Years Ago

 March 9, 1967


A web offset newspaper plant has been installed by the Herald Publishing Company and the new product went to Herald readers this week.  The “tired” old Babcock press has been retired after 59 years of continuous operation at the Herald.  The Babcock four-page press was installed in July, 1908, and has proven to be a good investment as it cost $1,200.  The press, when installed, was operated by a gasoline engine.  The new Goss Community press is composed of three units – two printing units which produce four pages each, and a folder.  Eight pages are printed at one time at a top speed of 14,000 papers per hour.

A new state trooper has been assigned to Douglas County and went on duty here effective Mar. 1.  Bill Davis, 37, a native of Lebanon, has been a member of the Missouri State Highway Patrol for the past nine years.

A spring snowstorm dumped an additional two inches of snow on Ava and Douglas County Tuesday night following a four inch fall Sunday night.

Harlan House of Ava was one of the basketball enthusiasts, who made the trip to Lexington Friday to see the Bradleyville High School Eagles play in the Class S basketball state semifinals in the Wentworth Military Academy gymnasium.  The Eagles won the afternoon game from the New Haven High School basketeers.

Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Cooper, 620 NW 5th Avenue, returned to Ava Tuesday, Feb. 28, following a winter vacation in New Orleans, Louisiana, and in Biloxi, Miss.

Take Your Medicine –– He’s not musical.  The only instrument he plays is second fiddle.   …   He was the one who told me they are now grading the atom bomb in three sizes:  big, tremendous, and where is everybody!  … He’s not really overweight – just too short for his weight. He looked at a chart and discovered he should be 11 feet 9 inches tall.

Mr. and Mrs. David Pitts (Karen Sue Page) of Ava, announce the birth of a daughter at 7:30 o’clock Saturday morning, March 4, in St. John’s Hospital, Springfield.

William I. Martin, a native of Ava, is now commander of the U.S. 6th Fleet.   Rear Adm. William I. Martin, 50, will officially take the helm of the Mediterranean fleet April 10 said Congressman Durward G. Hall. When he joins the 6th Fleet Adm. Martin will also command the U.S. STRIKE forces in southern Europe, under NATO command.

Students in the speech department at Ava High School won five E ratings and four S ratings at the annual SCA Speech Festival held in Mtn. View Saturday.  The five students awarded excellent ratings were Bob House, extemporaneous speaking; Pam Dennis, poetry reading; Carol Leeper, storytelling; Jim Williams, prose readings; and Judy Epps, humorous reading.


75 Years Ago

March 12, 1942


  1. LOUIS –– The brewing industry’s cooperation with law enforcement authorities was hailed by public officials at the second anniversary meeting of the Missouri Brewers’ Association and Beer Distributors’ Committee March 4. The praise of the self-regulation program inaugurated in this state two years ago brought from Walker Pierce, director and former liquor supervisor, a pledge that the committee would continue its vigilance in helping to maintain wholesome conditions surrounding the sale of beer.

Jesse Graham spent the weekend visiting relatives here. He was on leave from Camp Robinson, Ark.

STAR – Corp. Wesley McFarlin, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. McFarlin, is on patrol duty at Redding, Calif.  He guards one of the highest dams in the nation.

Mrs. Cecil Harley had a birthday party for her son, Jerry Lee, Friday afternoon honoring his fourth birth-day.

Dan Rogers, cable editor with United Press, with headquarters in New York City, arrived here early this week, accompanied by Mrs. Rogers and will occupy a farm in the Mt. Zion community, six miles north of Ava. Rogers purchased the farm of Frank Mays at Mt. Zion about a year ago, and a little later bought the Frank Ball farm, about six miles east of Ava.

Raymond Hart, young farmer of west of Ava, is a patient in Springfield Baptist Hospital, suffering from a broken right leg.  The injury was sustained Thursday last week, when Hart fell from a lime crusher.

In an informal wedding ceremony Saturday evening Miss Elda Mae Lakey, of Arno became the bride of Joe Sutherland of Ava.

On July 4, 1916, E.N. Sargesser marked a five-cent piece J-4-16.  Twenty-five years later to the day, Sargesser received the same coin back again more than 800 miles from where he originally put the coin into circulation. The mere fact that Sargesser reacquired the nickel on the same day exactly 25 years later would not happen again in a thousand years!

WHITES CREEK –– Mr. and Mrs. John Lathrop moved last week to their farm recently purchased from Jack Lakey.  Mr. and Mrs. Lakey moved the same day to their new home in the west part of Ava.

ROY –– Billy Matthews, son of Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Matthews, had the misfortune to have his finger cut off last Friday evening when the door of the Barnes Store blew shut. His father immediately took him to Ava to have it taken care of.

Shades of a quarter of a century ago!  A team ran away with a wagon in the Ava business district a few days ago.  We may see more of that if the tire situation continues to grow more acute.

Sometimes we don’t see how gardeners live through March. Cold, wintry day such as Sunday closely followed by balmy spring days like Tuesday, and then, like as not, back to freezing winds again.


100 Years Ago

March 15, 1917


A petition containing the requir-ed number of names was presented to the County Court last week by J.H. Vinson and George Hodge asking that another election be held in Boone Township for the purpose of voting on the stock law.

Fire from an unknown origin destroyed several business houses in Houston on Wednesday morning. The loss is estimated at $12,000. The fire started in a barber shop.

Drs. Lawrence M. Harrison of Gainesville and W.H. Harrison of Ava have purchased the dental supplies owned by Dr. W.G. Mefford.  They have arranged to continue the office at its present location. Dr. W. H. Harrison will take charge of the office for the present. L.M. Harrison will proba-bly move to Ava a little later. The Harrison boys are cousins.

SPRINGFIELD –– Sheriff Will Webb received a letter from the two men who captured “Red” O’Daniel in Ozark County asking for $100 reward they understood was offered. This sum was offered for all four men, but the two will get to split the $25 due them.  Sheriff Webb turned the $25 reward he offered for O’Daniel over to the Sheriff at Ava, who in turn, will give it to the two men.

Bob Simpson, world’s greatest hurdler, and senior in the University of Missouri, added another world’s record to his already growing string when he ran the 50-yard high hurdles in 63.5 seconds at the recent indoor meet held by the Kansas City Athletic club, in Kansas City.

Water works have been installed in the new high school building this week.

STONY POINT –– Mumps are reported with the children at Jim Davaults.  Chicken pox has been playing havoc with our attendance at school.

The twin girls of Collector and Mrs. J. Herbert Sell have been christened Lucille and Wilma.

Surveyor Chas H. Coble made a trip to Vera Cruz Friday of last week to inspect the Vera Cruz bridge.  It is reported that one of the approaches has been damaged by water.

Last week the Herald was an innocent victim of a huge joke in reporting the birth of quadruplets at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Blair near Arno.  It was only a case of twins.  We apologize.

LONDON, March 8 –– A son of Hon. J. O’Grady, a member of par-liament, was wounded several months ago in France in such a manner that his arm had to be amputated.  The surgeons cut off the arm, removed the shattered bone and then put the arm back again, setting the bone and sewing the tendons.  The arm has now healed and is gaining strength.  The patient can use it effectively. The only defect is that it is two inches shorter than the other arm.


125 Years Ago

March 17, 1892


Six intimate friends, three young men and three young women, in Louisville, two years ago, agreed that one should not marry unless the others did.  A year later, one of the young men and one of the young women become engaged to each other, but as the other were yet apparently heart free they could not marry.  Six months later another couple agreed to join their lots for life, but then came trouble.  The third young man was willing to marry, but the third young woman was not.  This drove the other two couples nearly wild, and they frantically reproached the reluctant maiden for keeping them out of happy matrimony.  Finally, she yielded and the three couples were married.  The justice of the peace who performed the ceremony arranging them before him in the form of a horseshoe.

The Democratic legislature of this state seems to be trying to imitate the present democratic congress by doing as near nothing as possible.  The only important measure to which they will give prompt attention will be to provide funds for their pay.

A new parasite has been discovered which infects paper money and is found nowhere else.  It is invisible to the unassisted eye, does not attach itself to persons, but multiplies at a rapid rate.

If you cannot give a good reason for what you are doing, that is a good reason why you should not do it.

Allan Beal, an old grave digger has resigned at the age of 80.  During a service extending over 50 years, he has dug 901 graves.

A man is always willing to give you advice until you ask for it, then he wants pay.

Andy Miller is having his new residence painted and it will soon be ready for occupancy.

The chorus girl who is pretty but can’t sing must pass at her face value.

For Rose Leaf fine cut chewing tobacco and the finest Cigars in town go to the Jewelry Store, on the north side of the square, Ava, Mo.

Fred Sharp was one of those absent-minded men who do the queerest things with perfect unconsciousness of what they are about.  For instance, he one day sat down in his room to eat an apple, but when he had carefully peeled it he deliberately threw his knife into the fire, put the apple in his pocket and began to eat the peelings.  Once, however, Fred’s forgetfulness stood him in good stead. He was buying oil-cloth for his kitchen floor when looking out, he saw a runaway team rapidly approaching. The single occupant of the carriage tried in vain to stop the frantic horse and serious disaster seemed certain. Out rushed Fred and in his forgetfulness he took with him the roll of oil-cloth which he had just taken up. On came the frightened horse, and was close upon our hero, when he made a lunge at the beast with the big hard roll and hit him so fairly between the eyes that he fell to the ground.  This act made Fred famous, and some of his acquaintances wanted to know why he didn’t get a patent on his new method of stopping runaways.