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Letter to the Editor – Electric Meters Follow-Up

Dear Editor:

As a follow-up to the letter I sent last week, I ought to have also pointed out that in researching the advanced metering infrastructure topic, I learned that the useful life of an electronic meter is 5-7 years due to the short lifespan of the more delicate components. Costs for replacing the units will come out of utility customers in the form of higher rates. The older analog meters have a useful life of 30-40 years as well as a much lower initial cost.

I, for one, would like to know who decided to deploy this costly, invasive and dangerous technology that is going to keep our rates from ever going down, and why was this particular decision made? Maybe I somehow missed out on being informed by the utility company on how it will affect us. All I know is that no one told me in advance, sought my input or offered a choice to stay on the analog system.

Patricia Davis

                     Ava, Missouri