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The Snoop 3.2.2017

In 2015 Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of the Miss Universe Pageant, and Sunday night Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announce the wrong film winner at the Oscars. So, how do you explain such awkward blunders? Easy. Live TV and the human factor. Granted, when millions of dollars are at stake, one should be fairly careful. But, on the other hand, human error is imminent. And, as for live television, when you stop and think about it, not much of what you see on TV is really “live.” Taped before a live television audience is not really live. There is opportunity for editing. Even the nightly news has segments that are pre-recorded. Some they tell you about and others you must figure out for yourself.

I didn’t watch the Oscars. I don’t know anything about either of the films that were involved in the snafu. But having read about it I can see how it is possible. When they showed a clip of the announcement on the morning news, I wondered what was going on with Beatty when he opened the envelope. Then I read his response. What was on the card did not correspond with the announcement he was supposed to make. It had the name of actress Emma Stone, followed by La La Land. He was confused and did not make the announcement. Dunaway, took the envelope and the card and announced La La Land as the winner. See, once again, it was the woman’s fault. (Just kidding.)

The mistake did open the door for some cool “tweets” anyway. Here are a few of the ones I copied:

Have your people call our people – we know what to do. #Oscars #MissUniverse.

Warren Beatty and #FayeDunaway just announced Hillary Clinton has in fact won the election!!!

Guarantee there will be more investigation into the #Oscars2017 #BestPicture mixup than #Russia’s interference in our election. #Oscars.

Get the name wrong? We offer 24hr grace periods to correct minor errors. So you won’t be left in La La Land. #Oscars

And the best one: I feel sorry for anyone having Price Waterhouse Coopers preparing their taxes.

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