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Ava Elementary Terrific Kids

Ava Elementary Terrific Kids for the month of December were announced this week before the beginning of Christmas break. Terrific Kids are, from left, front row: Sharadon Bell, Grayson Williams, Addison Cahow, Carli Harper, Tyler Treadway, Chance Cudworth, Jackson Henry and Crighton Smith. Row 2: Elizabeth Haynes, Brooklyn Merritt, Gracie Wright, Elizabeth Reagan, Harley Connors, Mason Kramer and Reid Barnum. Row 3: Belle Maggard, Hunter Strunk, Abbi Bailey, Preston Adams, Abby Williams and Siler Willis. Terrific Kids not pictured are Brianna McIntosh and Aubrey Johnston, who were absent. In Back are Kiwanis Club President Glenda Little and Ava Elementary Principal Dr. Clint Hall.